The Laundry Room all lit up for Christmas.

I had a restless night because I was too warm under the covers. I began to throw them off until it was just the sheet and at least, I was able to drop back off to sleep. When I did eventually awake, it was cold with just that single sheet over me. Oh well, at least I was able to sleep OK. 

I got up and took a shower and put on a clean set of clothes before taking the dogs out for that all important, first walk of the day. We wandered around and hit the outside road returning for breakfast and coffee. Again, we have nothing planned for the day. 

I sat and wrote and even spent time drafting a poem prompted by the current World Cup that is going on. Watching some of those players just leaves me in awe at their incredible skills and the things they can do with a ball. They are genuinely gifted, all of them regardless of what position they play. 

We went out for another walk, this time along the road at the bottom of the campground. I saw another dog and his Mistress approaching and we walked into a driveway to avoid a confrontation waving to the owner as they walked by. The rest of the walk was uneventful, and we made it back to Quatro. 

We sat outside for a bit listening to an Audiobook and just relaxed and watched the world go by. A couple of people stopped to chat as we sat there which was for about an hour or so before going for yet another walk, this time just around the park. We ran into another long-term resident, a genuinely nice oriental lady who also welcomed us back. I stood and chatted for a while before heading back to the RV where we went inside for the usual evening meal and television. 

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The Diary of an Old Man and an RV Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 10, Saturday 12/10/2022

Have a Very, Merry Christmas, RV style.

It was overcast and looked more and more like it would rain but we managed to get in our first walk of the day without getting wet. We did not go far, just wandering around so that the dogs could do their “thing” before returning to Quatro for breakfast. 

I sat and read the World news as depressing as it is before turning my attention to the blog, catching up with the posting and such. Now, I am all up to date and looking for things to write about. Maybe, I need to get out more… 

I had some things to do around the RV and worked on them for a while. Nothing serious, just the usual maintenance work that one must do every so often. I knew that England was playing France in the World Cup and decided to watch it. Remembering my friend James had said about the games being on Fox, I secured membership to that channel and then had to wait 30 minutes for the game to start. 

I would like to say that it was an enjoyable watch, but it was far from that. The Chanel repeatedly kept telling me that my session was up, and I would have to do things to get it back. This must have happened ten times as I watched which was very frustrating. 

Then I had to put up with the American commentators who, although I could understand the language, I had to tolerate them having so many opinions that I turned the sound down. Why can’t they just comment on the game as it is played and not all be so self-opinionated, trying to show how superior their knowledge is? Who cares what they think? Just a straightforward commentary would do it like the ones that comment on the English Premier League games. 

Finally, England gets awarded a penalty and the English captain, Harry Kane steps up to take it. Personally, I think he should not have been the one as he had already scored from an earlier penalty kick to make it 2-1.  A different penalty taker should have taken his place. Anyway, Kane blew his shot over the crossbar and that was that. At that point, I shut off the TV figuring that England had their chances regardless of the time left which proved right. 

After watching France play in an earlier game, I thought they had a very good side and would not be a bit surprised to see them go all the way. 

I was still steaming and decided that I needed to cooldown and take the dogs out walking. They were all for it and we hit Henly Loop walking it nearly all of the way to HWY 290 before turning back and managed to cover 1.4 miles for the day. 

Back at the RV, we sat outside listening to an Audiobook and just watched the world go by. Seven Mourning Doves flew down to pick up seed from around the bird feeders. They must be ground eaters as not once did any of them fly up to the feeders themselves. They are aggressive birds and spend some of their time chasing one another away. One in particular was picked on and remained behind when the others walked off. Notice I said “Walked off” as that is what they did as they disappeared under the other RV’s across the street. It flew off when I stood up so it must have been OK, just very low in the pecking order, literally. 

After a while, with the bird entertainment gone for the day, we went back inside for the usual evening meal and TV. 

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