We wandered around on our first walk, staying mostly in the top half of the park. It was quiet out with this being a Sunday although one of the Campers in the temporary slots, was preparing his rig to pull out. Thank goodness, we will not be doing that for a while. Travelling around was enjoyable though but it is nice to stay in one place for a bit. The time is just whizzing by and we have already been here eleven days. Time flies when you are having fun. 

I prepared breakfast and coffee and settled on a bacon sandwich. Everything was going fine as I carefully prepared one thing at a time so as not to flip the breakers. I made the coffee first, then toasted the bun before putting the bacon wrapped in a paper towel into the Microwave, I meant to hit the 30 second button and instead, hit 2 minutes which is the time it takes for a tea bag to brew. I do not know what I was thinking as when I took the bacon out; it had almost burned to a frizzle. Quite literally burned. It is a wonder the Microwave did not catch on fire. I picked off the black, burnt pieces and gave them to Sandy, who did not care that it was a little on the very well-done side as she gobbled it up. I ended up with a half bacon sandwich with only myself to blame for not paying attention. Funny thing, when you live alone, there is no one else to pin the blame on as I can’t blame the dogs. 

I read the news which was as depressing as it usually is but at least, no one is reporting the end of the world, yet…Then it was time to work on the blog after reading the emails most of which were the usual junk. I posted the latest blog after working on a few pictures, many of which are repetitious of ones taken previously here at this park. My only hope is that Nature makes them appear a little different or that my very few readers have short memories. 

With nothing planned, I considered going out walking at one of the parks, but it was overcast, and a very dreary day and it just wasn’t appealing at all. I settled to go out for a drive instead and we harnessed up and jumped in the Jeep. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get either dog to stay in the passenger seat for very long and before you know it, both are on my lap. 

Mikey is smarter than Sandy when it comes to laps as he curls up and assumes a sleeping position. No idea if his eyes are closed but he takes up most of the lap. Sandy, realizing that she has been outsmarted by a mere male dog, at once tries to squeeze on as well but there is no room for her to lay down, so she stands throughout the entire trip. She compromises by resting her belly or whatever part she can get down into whatever space is left. Neither wants to relinquish any area they have control over, so it makes for a very interesting trip. 

I must be on my guard all the time in case one or the other starts moving around but generally speaking, it works out fine. The things the dogs do to control their space are very funny sometimes. 

We drove down Hwy 290 until we hit Hwy 281 heading into Marble Falls, a distance of about 30 miles passing a spot where I had an accident with my truck a couple of years ago and silently cursing at my stupidity that day. In retrospect, I have done some pretty dumb things in my life over the years. Luckily, the only injuries were to the truck and the other car. 

I contemplated driving into Marble Falls to the Starbucks they have there but decided against it. Somehow, I was just not in the mood for a Latte, much to my surprise and made the turn onto Hwy 71 heading towards Austin. This is my old stomping ground and very familiar territory. I passed the turn off to the first house I built here in Texas and lived in for 10 years only to be persuaded by my third and final wife to move closer to town. That was my first big mistake with her as I should have stood my ground and insisted, we stay there. As it was, she left me for greener pastures 10 years later and I was out two houses and a wife. What is the saying, “Three strikes and you’re out”? 

I suppose there are some bright spots as I sold the house we had bought in Austin and made enough money for me to do this travelling and living in an RV life thing. Incidentally, half the original house that I sold, and the barn were both blown away in a tornado a couple of years after we sold it. All of that is water under the bridge as it now is just me and my two little dogs enjoying life in our RV. 

Back to reality. Instead of driving back to Quatro, we stopped at Frontier Park and jumped out to take a walk. We found a trail of about .75 miles and took it. Real easy walking and we only met a couple of people, none of whom had dogs. There are other trails as well, mostly of concrete so we will be back again. 

I was too late for a Latte at the Dripping Springs store, and we drove back to the RV where I tried to hook up the sound bar that I already own. It worked very well on the other TV’s I had in a couple of my earlier RV’s but for some reason, I cannot get it to work on this one. I have to do something as the sound from the TV is just awful. I played around still with no luck and gave up settling in for the evening with the usual meal and then watching the noisy but mostly incoherent, TV. 

Written December 11, 2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com