It was 9:30 am before I even woke and lay there for a while snoozing and trying hard to really be awake enough to get out of bed. I eventually crawled out and following the usual morning ablutions, went out for the first walk of the day. It was bright and sunny out with a coolness in the air making a jacket a necessity as we wandered around. There was very little activity in the park and not a single car passed us on the lane outside. 

Back in Quatro, I had the usual breakfast and coffee before turning to the computer to read the World News and then emails as I usually do. I had a couple that needed some attention from me including one of the offer of an earlier appointment with my Dentist and which called back and confirmed. I also received a call from the Insurance Adjuster from General Insurance, the ones that I have for the RV and Jeep. He wants to come out and inspect the damage to the RV… again and I set up an appointment for an hour or so later. 

I sat writing and watched as a truck pulled up next to the Jeep. Guessing it to be the adjuster, I stepped out of the door, and we chatted as he went about the business of taking pictures and getting information about the damage caused by backing into the Jeep. He asked me some questions and finally left saying he would email me. I am more interested in finding a local place to do the repairs as it will take dealing with both a long waiting list and then however number of days needed to do the work. It might also entail finding temporary accommodation during that time that it is in the shop although some places allow for overnight stays as they work on it. 

After he was gone, we harnessed up for the final walk of the day and then made our way to the bottom road, walking it for the entire distance. On the way back, a big dog walked with us on the other side of the fence. I took Sandy over and she sniffed as did the other dog and soon they were friends. Mikey, in the meantime, was doing his Mikey thing of hiding behind me. 

We continued our way back and the air had a definite chill to it. There are frosts forecast for the end of the week so maybe the Arkansas weather is slowly making its way down to us. Hope not as I do not like cold weather and all that goes along with it like disconnecting water hoses and such. 

Back in Quatro, I worked on the blog to bring us up to date and then we did the usual evening thing of food all around and then TV and a glass of wine. 

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The Diary of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 15, Thursday 12/15/2022

Black Faced Sheep finding us interesting.

Another late morning of crawling out of bed, and I should say, ready to face the day. Ready or not, there is not much in the way of alternatives except to rollover and go back to sleep. We went walking as we usually do and wandered around the park, not meeting a single person or dog. The walk was uneventful which is the way I like them. 

Back in Quatro, I happened to check my phone and realized that I had changed the Dentist cleaning appointment to later today. I knew I did this but did not remember that it was this soon. Thank goodness for cell phones where all appointments are stored. It is either that or write them down and then I would forget which pad I wrote them on, my memory is now that bad. 

I worked on a few things before getting ready to go into Austin. We went out for a walk as I knew I would be away a while and that it would be dark when I returned. The drive in was 30 miles long as I was also going to pick up my mail while I was in town. I headed up to Far West Blvd first and collected all that had arrived to date before heading back down the road to 35th street. My Dentist is located just off this busy thoroughfare. 

I did not have to wait too long before I was led back to the Surgery where my usual nurse worked on cleaning my teeth and taking x-rays before the Dentist came in to talk to me. She is a very friendly lady and chatted the whole time. Coupled with the fact that I could not hear half of what she said plus that she was working on the cleaning, the conversation was very much a one-sided thing. 

The Dentist came in and gave his report and the actions we needed to take in filling a couple and adding crowns on three more and I wandered back to the receptionists area to pay and to make future appointments for the recommended treatments. 

By then, it was getting late, and I got caught in the rush hour traffic which was bumper to bumper until I got out of Austin when it began to ease off. My trip home had taken me to a Starbucks in my old stomping grounds and I had the luxury of drinking coffee and eating a slice of Walnut Cake on the way home. I had taken the backway as I knew that Hwy 290 going into Dripping Springs would be bumper to bumper when we reached town, which took a little longer. It was getting dark when we reached Dripping Springs but the last few miles to Henly were uneventful. 

The dogs were extremely excited that Dad was back and as we had no groceries to worry about, we harnessed up and walked around the campground in the dark which also gave me a chance to take pictures of the Christmas decorations. Back in Quatro, I had a knock on the door which proved to be one of my earlier neighbors, Ayumi. She stopped by to welcome me back and I invited her in. She also brought me a homemade loaf and said they were opening a bakery. We talked for a bit before she left.
The rest of the evening, we did the usual thing of the evening meal and television. 

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