This is one of the outside roads that we walk.

It was another grey and cloudy day when we went out for the morning walk plus it had also cooled off and I needed a jacket. The dogs did not mind as they lined up to have their harnesses put on, which is always a bit of a contest. Sandy keeps pushing Mikey out of the way who in turn is jumping up and down in excitement but eventually, we get them harnessed and out of the door. 

We walked the outside lane leading to the residential area and came across a lady with the hood up on her car which I have seen parked in her driveway before. She told me that she had overfilled her radiator and did I think it would be a problem. I replied that I did not think it would be but if she were worried about it, to get some paper towels and dip some of the liquid out. I warned her to be careful as radiator fluid is poisonous. 

We continued our walk to the end of the road and then turned to come back. I saw in the distance that another camper was walking her dog, but she saw us and made an about turn before we even got close, so we had no confrontations. The lady with the car was still working on it so I stopped to ask how it was going and she showed me that she had dropped the level in the tank and asked if it was enough. Telling her that it looked OK she thanked me, and we continued back to Quatro. She knew what she was doing but just wanted reassurance she was doing it right. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and then settled down to read about the state of the world which was no better than yesterday and then turned to emails which were the usual batch of stuff, most of which were unread and discarded. As usual, there was a couple that looked suspicious which were quickly discarded. 

Then it was time to write the blog playing catchup with yesterday which is always a tricky thing as memory recall is not one of my strong suits anymore. Ask me about my childhood and growing up and I can tell you everything to the last detail. What happened yesterday, not so much. I wrote for a while and then decided that I needed to go into town to buy Christmas cards and a few groceries. As usual, I left it late with the cards and as two of them are going to England, they will arrive in time for the New Year. Still, it is the thought that counts, right? 

I wandered around HEB and picked up the few groceries that I needed and even then, managed to spend almost $90.00 although, I did stock up on batteries. I bought three cards and sat in the parking lot filling them out and then making sure that the correct card was in the proper envelope and headed for Starbucks. The traffic was horrendous, and I waited a full 5 minutes to get out onto the highway. Next time, I will use the entrance with the traffic light. It is hard to believe that such a small town as Dripping Springs had such a traffic problem, especially at rush hour with everyone either going to or coming from work. 

The post office was on the way home to Henly and I pulled in only to discover that they closed at 4:00 pm. No wonder they are losing business as they do not keep reasonable hours to serve the public. I will need to mail out the cards tomorrow. 

I drove back to Henly and then we went out for the final walk of the day. The temperature has dropped and is forecast to be just above freezing this evening or rather, tomorrow morning. I stopped to chat with Melinda as she happened to be outside and then we adjourned back to Quatro. 

I spent more time writing so that we are up to date and checked the weather forecast again and it still said that we should be OK this evening but that it will freeze tomorrow evening. This means disconnecting the water hoses and making sure there is enough water in the tanks to see us through until morning. It is only at night that the frosts are forecast, thank goodness. Winter is slowly arriving here in Henly. Just as long as it does not snow… 

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The Diary of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 17, Saturday 12/17/2022

I got up at a reasonable hour and we went out for the first walk of the day and noticed that my neighbor directly behind me had pulled out leaving us with open spaces all around. That is good because I do not know if the TV sound is loud enough to bother others at night. We ran into another camper that had just pulled in yesterday and stopped to chat with the owner. He plans to pull out tomorrow so he’s just a couple of days here. 

The overnight frost that was forecast did not materialize but there is another one forecast for tonight, plus the long-range forecast shows a couple of freezing days as well as nights. 

Climbing into the Jeep, I made the short drive to the Post Office with the intention of mailing out the Christmas cards only to discover that the only window open was for pick-ups. Apparently, the Post Office only works a short 5-day week, closing at 4:00 pm and neither does it care nor consider those that work in their opening hours. Governmental bureaucracy is at its very worst. No wonder other private services are all doing far better than USPS and why it has such a bad name. 

I drove back to the RV and made breakfast which I shared with the dogs. Just tiny tasters but enough to keep them happy. Then it was time to check the World News which, although depressing, at least did not herald the end of humankind… yet.  

From there, it was checking emails none of which needed as much as a second glance. I like it that way although, on the other hand, it does mean that I have very few friends or acquaintances that bother to correspond with me anymore. Most of that is my fault though as I have chosen to lessen my circle of “friends.” In retrospect, most of those people were created by social activities and the sports that I played. As my interests changed over the years or as I got too old to play anymore, then those “friends” all disappeared…Such is the way of the world. 

I decided to go out for a drive as we had nothing else planned and we all piled into the Jeep. We made a left turn coming out of Henly Loop as we usually do but instead of heading for Austin, after a couple of miles, we turned off and took the road to Blanco driving until we reached the small town. We had no reason or business there except I knew it would eventually connect with 281 and then back home in a big loop. We were after all, out for a drive. 

Back in the RV Park, we took a final walkabout for the day because even with the 40 odd miles we drove, the car was the only thing that got any exercise. I then drove to The Home Depot looking to replace the outside sensor for the Indoor/Outdoor thermometers that I have as I managed to run over the original sensors with the RV. I know, I know, stupid me…Unfortunately, they do not sell them separately from the entire unit which costs upwards of $75.00 so I passed. 

I stopped at the plastic Tote boxes and took a while to look for one to replace what I have inside of Quatro for the dogs to use as a step to get up onto the recliner. The current one does a good job, but it is one of the larger boxes and as space is a priority, I thought that using a smaller sized box would do the trick. We will see how it works out. 

There was a frost forecast for the evening, well really for the early morning and I made sure that the tanks had water in them before disconnecting the water hose as a safety precaution. I remembered to turn on the inside water pump otherwise the water does not flow. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion with food and then TV. What a life… 

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