It rained hard through the night and was still raining when we eventually rolled out of bed. Even the dogs showed no inclination to get up as we lay there listening to the rain on the roof. I avoided the intermittent drips from the overhead fan that is located directly above the toilet, luckily for me. I really need to get up on the roof and inspect and make any necessary repairs, but I need to wait for it to stop raining before I look and by then, it will not be leaking, or I will have forgotten about it. 

Regardless, we harnessed up and went out in the rain. The dogs did not really mind as they trotted around. I had an umbrella to keep me dry, but the dogs just got wet. We covered .06 of a mile even in the rain before adjourning back to the RV where they both had to be toweled off to some semblance of dryness. Sandy likes to roll on the bed when she has gotten wet, and I remembered to put up the portable gate that I have for such purposes to keep her out of the bedroom. 

After the usual breakfast and coffee, I turned my attention to both reading the World News (depressing) and then the blog and completed yesterday after much brain scratching to remember what had happened late in the day.  

I decided to do a load of laundry and collected all the things I needed and wandered over to the Laundry Room which is about 50 yards away. Very convenient. I dumped the wash into one machine and as I was the only person using the machines, managed to get one of the coveted ones next to the window. The machines are no different except the ones by the window will nearly always work off the App. Those closer to the door, it is a guessing game as sometimes it works and other times, not so much. All to do with the strength of the signal. 

The App told me that the wash was finished, and I walked over to put the clothes in the dryer. Again, I was the only person using the Washroom and an hour later, was back over to fold the clothes and bring them back to Quatro. This is the first time that I have ever had the Laundry Room to myself. 

Back in the RV, I put the clothes away and we are good on laundry for a couple of weeks. It will be 2023 before we must do it again. I have no idea where this year went. Time flies as you grow older and nearing the end. 

We are expecting some freezing weather at the weekend and the Park sent out freeze warnings telling us to disconnect the hoses and such. It is a little earlier this year for the first real freeze and all we can do is hope that we get through without any damage. Overnight freezes are usually OK but when it continues through the day and into the next night, is when the pipes freeze. 

The rain stopped but, in its place, a fog descended that created a very gloomy atmosphere. We went out walking in it as we had no choice and stayed out just long enough for the dogs to do their “thing” and then we made a beeline back to Quatro and its warmth and security. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion, only this time, there were no World Cup games to watch. 

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