We got up at a reasonable hour and went out for that all-important first walk of the day and wandered around the park and out onto the road outside. I was hoping that Sandy would walk into the park entrance when we passed it, but she had other ideas and we continued down the hill to the bottom entrance and came back up through the park to Quatro. I did not mind as I could use the exercise too although Mikey was not so thrilled with the extra walking. 

Back in the RV, we did our usual breakfast and coffee thing before settling down in front of the computer to read the world news and then catch up with the blog. With no wheels, the next few days are restricted to finding things to do in and around the park and in the RV. I sat writing and noticed that it was cooling off outside and checking the temperature, it had dropped to around 32 degrees from 50 degrees an hour or so before. I guess the cold front has reached us and winter is here and come early, for us. Last winter, it was late February before we had any real sign of winter with a couple of inches of snow. 

I bundled up and then went out to shut off the city water and drain the hoses and then back inside, we switched over to the RV’s fresh water supply that I had filled yesterday. This cold front has blown in earlier than I thought as I was expecting it to come this evening. But here it is and unfortunately, the weather is something we have no control over. It could be worse as we could still be in the Ozarks… 

It was nice and warm inside the RV with both the main propane heaters on plus the portable auxiliary electric heaters that I use. Usually, the portables are sufficient but with the low temperatures that are only going to get colder as the night progresses, using both makes the most sense. The problem with propane heaters is just that when I run out of the stuff, I must move the whole rig to get the tank filled here in the park, but even so…Just got to complain about something. 

I sat and wrote for a while and then bundled up for that last walk of the day. It was bloody cold out and we did a quick walk around just so the dogs could do whatever they had to do. I hustled them along not giving Sandy much time to explore much to her disgust. She pulled and tugged, and I did the same. Mine was more pressure than tugging as it is less stressful to the dogs. Eventually, I persuaded them that it really was cold out and that we should go back to the RV. 

We spent the rest of the evening in the usual way. 

Written December 22, 2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com