There was not much point to getting up early as we had nothing planned nor any wheels even if I did have something in mind. It was almost 10:00 am when I rolled out of bed, where it was cozy and warm compared to the outside temperature of 12 degrees. The water has frozen as I suspected it would and we have to hope there is no damage when the pipes eventually thaw out in a couple of days. Today, it is not going to get above freezing all day and all night although it is supposed to warm up a bit to just above freezing tomorrow, during the day. This cold front is with us all the way through next Tuesday. 

I put on long pants when I got up and found a heavy sweater to wear even indoors as although it was not cold, neither was it warm enough to sit around without some extra clothes. We harnessed up and then took a short walk around the park only covering a third of a mile before returning to the warmth of Quatro. Even the dogs were glad to get back inside. 

I sat and watched the little activity outside in and around the park. The Management has shut off the water except for the Laundry and Bathrooms. Thank goodness my friend B.J. was kind enough to take me shopping yesterday when I bought a crate of bottled water. This is all we have inside until the water is turned back on and the pipes thaw with hopefully, little or no damage and it needs to last at least until I get the Jeep back. 

I sat and wrote, and the dogs found their hidey spots and zonked off. I thought about it and then searched around for the business card for James, the Travelling RV repair person that I have used before hoping all the while that I would not need him. We will see after everything thaws out. I would imagine that about every camper here at this park are all hoping the same thing as very few units will be winterized with heated pipes and such. The 5th wheel that I previously owned even had an insulating sheet attached to the bottom of the RV and covering the pipes and they still froze. The repair mechanic that I used at that time had to cut through the sheet to get to the frozen ones. 

We went out for a walk and this time, we hit the road at the bottom of the park and saw several deer crossing the road ahead of us. I watched as they gracefully and effortlessly jumped the tall fence. As the saying goes, “The grass is always greener….” . A couple of them that had not yet crossed over, saw us and took off in the opposite ditection, I suppose to catch up with the rest of the group later. I wonder how they know where to find each other when they ger separated like that?

We walked just over a mile for the day and it was bloody cold out there especially out in the open where we got the full force of the wind. The temperature was hovering around the 22 Degree mark and with that strong wind, it felt much colder. I was well wrapped up, but my face was very cold, and I could have used a balaclava, or a facial scarf and I have neither. 

Back in the RV where it was nice and warm compared to outdoors, I sat and worked on the blog to keep us up to date. Now I remember one of the reasons that I left New York State was because weather like we are having here is the norm for a lot of the winter, up there. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion. 

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