I got up at a reasonable hour after a restless night probably caused by worrying about our water situation. It was also very warm under the covers, and I kept throwing them off one by one. I even turned the thermostat down to slow the heaters from coming on. In the end, I gave up and prepared for the day instead. 

The first order of business was that of walking the dogs as we usually do. This time, we hit the outside road that leads from the park to Hwy 290. Altogether, we covered 8/10 of a mile. Not bad for the first walk of the day. 

Following a quick breakfast, I checked the World news which was, as it usually is, very depressing before turning my attention to the blog. After writing for a bit and posting yesterday, I decided that I could not delay it any longer and put on my boots and jacket and went out to really look at the damage caused by the freeze. I could see what the problem was and that parts needed to be exchanged and while thinking about it, decided to take the dogs out for a walk. 

I ran into Daniel, back early from his skiing trip, and we chatted for a bit. I mentioned I had a freeze problem and he at once walked over to the RV with me and started checking things out. I tied the dogs up outside so they could watch and then helped as much as I could as Daniel went through a whole different set of checking routines, making some adjustment as he went. He worked diligently for an hour or more and discovered the problem, finally announcing that I should go into town and buy certain parts. 

I pointed out that I did not have any wheels, so he said that he had to go in to get Melinda’s prescription as she had a very sore throat, and I could ride with him. We visited the prescription part of HEB which has a separate drive through entrance, and he picked up what he needed before we went to The Home Depot next door. It took a good 30 minutes to find the parts we needed before I checked out and we returned to the RV Park. 

Prior to going into town, Daniel had jury rigged the water system so that at least we could get water into the RV for our use and said he would return in the morning to finish the work and went to his RV. I unlocked the door to be greeted by two very excited little dogs and we harnessed up to walk the park. We did not stay out long as it was getting both very chilly and also dark and returned back to Quatro for the evening meal and entertainment. Now, at least I have water back in the RV, plus, the English Premier League is back… 

All in all, a very unexpected and productive day thanks to Daniel.

Written December 27, 2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com