I got up late after sleeping well and at once hopped into the shower, something that has not been available for over a week. The hot water felt good, and I luxuriated in it for a while before reminding myself that it would quickly run out and get out while it is still hot. Unlike a house that has a hot water unit with a much bigger storage tank, RV’s are generally restricted to pass through heating which does not last very long. 

We went out walking the park as we usually do and met a gentleman with a very young Boston Terrier that just loved the world and everything in it. This little dog was so exuberant that even Sandy backed off. Mikey was totally amazed at the little pup’s antics and did not even bother to bark at it. I made a big fuss which the puppy returned tenfold snuffling as those breeds do. What a lovely little guy. 

After chatting with the owner for a bit, we went on our way, not going anywhere in particular before returning to Quatro. The weather, although very windy, had warmed up and I did not need a jacket. Back indoors I prepared breakfast although I did have to make do with instant coffee as my coffee maker will not heat or froth the milk anymore for my usual latte. It is not much over a year old and already nonfunctional, stupid thing…Time to find a new one for my annual investment in latte makers. Either that or change my drink and get a regular coffee maker. There’s an idea. 

Following breakfast, I sat and read the world news, being very selective over what I spent my time on. I was in a good mood and wanted to stay that way. Then I turned my attention to emails of which I had a couple to answer before turning to the blog, finishing off yesterday and posting it. 

I went outside to look at the hose problem to see if I could do anything and spent some time tidying up the compartment.  

I decided to do a load of laundry and changed the bedcovers to add to the load. Those of you that follow the blog, have read many times my complaints about making the bed in the RV due to the difficulty of reaching the top of the bed. This time, I tried something new and pulled the mattress down away from the top end which made it much easier to reach. Wonder why I did not think of that before. Probably too simple a solution. 

There was no one else using the laundry room which gave me a choice of machines, so I chose the ones nearest to the window as generally, they will work off the app. True to form, one machine worked nicely but of course, the other did not. Luckily, I had enough quarters for that other machine. 

While there, the phone rang, and it was a call from Whitlock Automotive letting me know that the Jeep was ready. I thought about it, wondering what to do about the laundry but decided to take a chance as no one else was using the washroom and arranged for someone from Whitlock to come and pick me up. Twenty minutes later, the same young gentleman that had given me a ride back the first time drove up. I was sitting outside by the entrance, and he missed seeing me there and I had to run after him to get his attention. 

We chatted the whole time on the way back to the garage where I paid my bill of $1172.00 which I considered money well spent. It should have been covered under the insurance as it was caused by the accident but something else the other repair shop missed. I drove my Jeep back to Henly, making the stop at Starbucks on the way to celebrate. It was great to be driving my own wheels again as relying on someone else is not very convenient for either of us. Oh yes, the A/C works just fine. 

Back at Quatro, without going inside, I walked directly over to the laundry room and transferred the wash into a dryer and the App worked just fine.  I was lucky that I still had the place to myself so there was no urgency in emptying the machine. I took the dogs for a walk while waiting for the dryer to do its thing and then returning back to Quatro to write some more. 

When it was time, I walked over to the laundry room and folded the laundry before heading back to the RV to put it away in the proper places. That is the second laundry in a row that I have had the laundry room to myself. Sure, takes the pressure off having to vacate the machines for the next person. 

With the laundry done for another couple of weeks, I harnessed up the dogs again and we went out for another walk, this time walking the road at the bottom of the campground. There was one other dog walking his Mistress coming towards us, so we walked down a driveway into a field to let them pass to avoid a confrontation. 

Altogether, we covered 2.1 miles for the day, or at least I did. The dogs not so much but I need the exercise more than they do. Back in the RV, I sat and finished the blog as nothing usually happens when we retire for the evening, and I like it that way. 

All in all, it was a very good day. The frost damage to the RV is not as bad as it could be, I got the Jeep back and have wheels again and I am alive, healthy and breathing. What more could I ask for…I forgot, I even stopped at Starbucks on the way home. Perfect. 

Written December 28, 2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com