The view from my RV door.

I got up to answer the call of nature and made the mistake of going back to snooze eventually getting up around 9:30 am. It did not matter as we have nothing that is pressing. We wandered around the park as we usually do but it was quiet out and we did not get to visit with anyone. Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast before settling down in front of the computer for the usual world news and emails. 

I sat and thought about what needs to be done. We are out of propane, which means that even for the short trip to the filling station, found here in the park, it must be treated like a normal cross-country trip, with things stowed away and such. Luckily, there is not a cold front in the immediate future, and we can use the electric heaters overnight for the time being as I need to arrange with Daniel a time to get the propane filled. 

After posting yesterday’s blog along with pictures of Tahoe and his little orange cat buddy, I caught up with today. I cannot believe that we have been here for a month already. I have no idea where the time goes but it is just flying by along with whatever is left of my time here on this earth. 

Daniel stopped by and worked on installing the new part to the water system that had come in a couple of days ago, which, incidentally, he paid for and gave to me as a Christmas present. He also worked on the bodywork of the RV that the Jeep had damaged, enough to make it waterproof. It is difficult to say how much I appreciate the work he has done for me. He keeps blowing it off as though it is something he does every day and for everyone and I am sure that it is. I do not expect special treatment in any shape or form. 

I told Daniel that I needed propane and as I have explained before, it is a lengthy process of getting the RV ready to move even for just a short distance. He set me a time to have the over by the Propane Station and I went to work. 

This was no different than if we were moving campgrounds as it involved putting stuff away and making sure that nothing would move even on such a short trip. Then I went outside and did the same things removing tire sun covers, wheel chocks, moving the outside furniture and mats away from the RV and generally getting it ready to move. Inside, I let in both slides after making sure that all moveable objects had been stored away to their respective places. 

Finally, with all the check lists complete, I raised the jacks and drove over to where the Propane Filling station is found which, incidentally, was probably less than 100 yards away There was another unit there getting its tanks filled which needed a short wait but when they were gone, I drove the RV to where Daniel directed it. 

This time, the propane filling went smoothly, and the valves shut off as they were supposed to. Not like the last time, a month ago when the valve stuck, and the propane was leaking requiring quick action from Daniel to stop it. 

I drove back to our site and Daniel had again beaten us there and was waiting to direct us in. He helped with the levelling, placing the blocking under the jacks and in no time flat, we were once again ready to set up. I thanked Daniel for his help, as he went of his way. I am sure, to be as useful to the next camper that needs his assistance. Such a nice and helpful man. 

I spent the next 30 minutes straightening out first the outside of the RV with the mats and couch and such after having re-hooked the power, water and sewer back up. Inside, I let out the slides and straightened up the things that were temporarily placed in the shower and other safe travel places. 

When I was finished and we were all set again for our normal living, we went out for the last walk of the day running into both the little Boston terrier that cracked me up with his puppy antics and Melinda with her dog. Both of mine were on their best behavior which was surprising. Good thing too when we are playing with the Park Managers puppy, which, as it turns out, is much more aggressive and noisier than mine. 

We headed back to Quatro and I for one, was a very tired individual. I thought about sitting outside for a bit and then decided against it, going inside to sit and write in the blog accompanied by some sweet cookies and a very small bottle of white wine, well OK, two bottles. 

I wrote until I was caught up with today and by then, it was almost 7:00 pm, time for the evening meal for both me and the dogs, followed by watching the English Premier League. 

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