The first walk of the day was just around the park and was a relatively short one. It had already warmed up into the low 70’s even at this early hour and the sun was shining bright. I went out in a hurry and forgot my sunglasses.  

A camper pulled in while we were out, into the slot directly in front of us although, a good distance away. What makes my site such a suitable location is that the RV site nearest to us is 25 ft behind me, and currently vacant, All the others are a 100 ft or so away. So different to some of the parks I have stayed in. where the RVs are on top of each other. As a bonus, the laundry room is only 100 ft away plus the coach is facing away from the sun, so the big front windows are shielded. 

The Class B that pulled in yesterday in the site in front of me has already left which did not surprise me as they never gave the appearance of staying long. No outside mats, no chairs and no sewer hooked up, which is the usual sign that the occupants will be here for at least a couple of days. 

I think I have the hang of the new coffeemaker as the Latte was easy to make and even had frothy milk. Following the usual breakfast, I settled down to the normal routine of world news and then my own emails. There was nothing of major importance, which is the way I like it as I am happy with the quiet life. 

I posted the latest blog and then dug out a couple of my archived poems and posted them on the next consecutive Saturdays. The poetic side of my brain has gone to sleep temporarily, and I am having to resort to posting from the archives written more than 10 years ago. 

I had purchased all the ingredients to make a beef stew the last time I was in HEB and dug them out of the refrigerator. I then spent time preparing and then throwing everything into the Insta-Pot that I have along with beef chunks that I had previously browned on the stove. I set the timer on the Insta-Pot and walked away. Six hours later, it was cooked and had switched itself off. Just love that thing.

We went out for another walk in the hope of getting in our mileage for the day. Daniel stopped by with his ATV on his normal business just to say” Hi” to Sandy who did at least reciprocate by making a fuss of him before we resumed our walk around the campground. We went out onto the bottom road and wandered along it to the end. On the way back, the big dog from one of the properties the other side of the fence found us and followed us for the full extent of his boundaries. Sandy made a fuss of him, but he needed a lot more friendship than we could offer. He seemed like a lonely guy as he was “talking” the entire time he walked with us. 

We walked back along the bottom road all the way and then turned up the hill to the park entrance before returning to the RV where we sat outside for a while drinking a small bottle of wine and listening to an Audiobook until it was almost dark before heading back inside, where we continued to listen to the Audiobook. We were nearing the end of the story and it was hard to stop listening. To be truthful, the best part of the entire story was in the part I am currently listening to. The rest of the story was just OK. 

I switched it off with one more chapter to go and turned to the normal evening’s ritual and entertainment, watching the English Premier League, the top football league in the World as far as I am concerned. I might be a little bit prejudiced as my Great, Great Grandson, Solly March plays for Brighton and Hove Albion. They won handsomely 4-1 with Solly scoring one of the goals. A great ending to the day. 

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The Diary of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 35, Wednesday 01/04/2023

It was another bright and shiny day with the temperatures around the 60-degree mark when we went out for our first walk. We wandered around the park and stopped to say “Hello” to Taho as he was outside snoozing in the sun. He was the only other dog that we saw. Back in Quatro, after a quick breakfast and a Latte made in the new machine, which I am now getting used to, I turned my attention to the stew which was still in the Insta-Pot, ladling out portions into plastic containers which I then put into the fridge. 

Cleaning up the Insta-Pot, I put it away ready for use the next time, whenever that may be. I like that thing as all I do is throw in whatever I am cooking, usually something simple and then forget about it until it is done, several hours later, when it switches itself off. The only problem is that now, I will be eating beef stew for the next week, although I could freeze some of it… 

I checked the World news which was as depressing as it usually is and then turned my attention to emails. I had a couple of them that needed a response which I took care of before turning to the blog to bring it up to date. I made another Doctors appointment with my regular doctor who I have been seeing as long as I moved to Texas. He even has an office in Dripping Springs, a bonus for me with less driving. 

I was really looking around for things to do and went outside and took care of a few household chores and then decided to go walking with the dogs. On the way, we ran into Daniel, and he stopped to talk for a while before going about his business. He likes to pass the time-of-day chatting. We continued with our walk, this time taking the outside road that leads to Hwy 290. Altogether, for the day, we covered 1.8 miles. 

Returning to Quatro, we sat outside for a while listening to an Audiobook and watching the world go by. I completed one story and started another but by then, it started to cool off and we adjourned back inside of the RV to catch up with the blog. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion. Overall, a noticeably quiet day. 

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