I jumped in the shower and the water started to puddle up around my feet, a sure sign the tanks needed emptying. The grey tank is usually the one to fill up first. It is the one that holds the shower and sinks drainage. If the black tank, which is for the toilet, filled up first, we would really be in trouble. Luckily, the shower bottom has deep sides, and I was able to complete the shower even as I was standing in water. Incidentally, the system within the RV that shows the status of the tanks is not something to rely on. Usually, over time, the sensors within the tanks no longer register accurately or sometimes, not at all and the visible method I just described is a very safe replacement. 

With the morning ablutions out of the way, I harnessed up the dogs for the first walk of the day. We wandered around the park, said “Hi” to Taho and then walked along the bottom road for a bit before returning to the park. We ran into Malinda and her little dog and both Mikey and Sandy did their usual doggy thing with Mikey saying “Hi” to Malinda. That is a first so there is hope for him. 

We wandered around some more before returning to Quatro. This time, before going back in for breakfast and coffee as we do every morning, I walked back to the tanks compartment and opened the valves in the proper order, emptying the black tank first before emptying the grey tank which helps to flush out the pipes. 

With that chore done for another few days, we went back inside, where I caught up with both the world news and the emails before turning my attention to the blog. I wrote for a while and considered posting the latest but then after looking at it, decided to post a 2 in 1 blog with two days on the same blog. I generally use this technique to stay caught up but as the earlier blog is so short, I will double up to make something worth reading. 

That is rather an odd statement as from a reader’s point of view, is anything of mine worth reading or is it just a few close friends that follow me and read my stuff out of the kindness of their hearts? At least, writing keeps my brain exercised which, to me, is the most important thing. Oh well… 

I decided to go into town to HEB and do some grocery shopping although the list was not very long, but I really needed an excuse to get out for a bit. The drive in was uneventful as it should have been, and I spent 45 minutes wandering around HEB which is not quite like Walmart’s as it is nearly strictly all groceries with a large pharmaceutical area. There are no clothes or camping section and stuff like that. Then again, that is what has made Walmart’s so successful is the very large variety of goods available. 

I walked around and found all the things on my list and of course, a couple more, but what the heck, I only live once. I did stop at the wine section to stock up on my diminishing supply back at the RV. Not that I drink very much, generally, one of the tiny bottles of wine while I am sitting outside and then a single glass in the evenings as I watch the TV. Even with a half empty cart, my bill was still $130.00. The cost of food has surely risen a lot and that is for someone that does not eat extravagantly. I cannot imagine what the bill is for a growing family. 

My next stop was Starbucks, what else, for my usual Latte to drink on the drive home, which was uneventful. The dogs helped with the groceries, but I could tell their heart was not in it as they were thinking more about going out walking. With everything put away, we harnessed up and strolled around the park and then walked the entire length of the lane outside. Another one of the resident dogs that we sometimes visit when we take this walk, was out and about and came over to nuzzle Sandy through the fence. Such a friendly guy as he even made a fuss of me as well. 

Altogether for the day, we covered 2.6 miles, far and away, one of our better days. Good practice just in case we ever go hiking again. Back in Quatro, I fed the dogs and then settled down to play catch up with the blog bringing us up to date. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

Written January 5, 2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com