We got up at a reasonable hour, or at least, I did. The dogs stayed in bed until I finished showering and put on clean clothes then they were all energy and eagerly waiting to take that first walk of the day. We wandered around and covered our usual half mile, the success of which is governed by the dogs doing their business. I, on the other hand, am the one with the disgusting but all so necessary job of using a poop bag and cleaning up after them. All for the love of a dog or in my case, dogs. 

We covered our usual half mile just wandering around and greeting any others that we saw on our travels. As today is Saturday, many of the working members were home although, inside their RV’s and we only met a couple on our walkabout.  

After the usual breakfast and coffee, I sat down to view emails, answering a couple and trashing most of the rest. As much as I can, I always unscribe to those unwelcome or unnecessary ones but others pop up to take their place. It is an ongoing battle. 

I spent some time posting the latest couple of blogs after attaching pictures, mostly of our visit to Reimers Ranch Park. My friend BJ will be glad to see that we are only a couple of days behind which gives me a small cushion, just in case…it is almost impossible to post daily happenings, the next day. Way too tight a schedule and does not give me any leeway in case I cannot get to it for any reason. 
I looked down only to be met by two big brown eyes with the most imploring look in them. Sandy had decided that she had to go or at least, go walking and was telling me in the only way she knows how. When I mentioned it to her, even Mikey started jumping around, so with a big exaggerated sigh, I hooked them up and we went out strolling around the park.  

I decided to go into Austin to the Walmart’s located on Hwy 290 as I needed to replace the portable trash bin that is anchored outside of the RV when we are in one place for any length of time. On the old one, which had served me well for at least a couple of years, all the handles had come away from the main unit and I had no way of anchoring it to the RV or carrying it to the dumpster to empty. It is made of some form of heavy canvas material that, unless anchored, quickly blows the thing across the campground with the slightest wind. I know as it has happened to me before. 

While I was there, I stocked up on a few grocery items that should see us over through next week. Then, the next stop was Starbucks as a reward for being such a nice guy before heading back to Henly. I arrived back to be met by my dogs, who had been sitting in the front window looking for me and of course, got all excited when I pulled up. What a way to be greeted when I come home… 

The dogs, as they usually do, helped to put the groceries away as they knew they would get to go out for the evenings stroll. We just wandered around the campgrounds and stopped to make a fuss of Taho, but he was more interested in his ball and so instead, I chatted to the owner as he made a fuss of Sandy. Even Mikey went to him for just a little petting before taking up his usual place. As we passed Malinda’s RV, she came out with her dog and all three got along fine although with Mikey, it is a quick hello and get behind me again.  

We headed back to Quatro for the usual evening’s food and entertainment. I followed this by watching the English Premier league on TV and my Great, Great Grandson, Solly March scored two goals for his team, Brighton, and Hove Albion in their 3-0 win. Well done, Solly. 

Written January 14, 2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

The Diary of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 46, Sunday 01/15/2023

It was very windy when we got up although the sun was shining brightly, and I walked around without a jacket. We wandered through the campground and then walked the outside road covering our usual half mile. Back inside the park, Malinda came out with her dog to say hello to Sandy and even Mikey allowed her to scratch his head. He is slowly coming around. 

I fixed breakfast and this time; it was Mike Tyson Foods, chicken on a bun which I heated in the microwave. I wonder if it was made at the plant in Fayetteville that we were camped next to? Whatever, it tasted good, and we all enjoyed it with me having the biggest share. 

With breakfast out of the way, I checked the latest news, which was as usual, depressing and then turned my attention to the blog. I completed yesterday and posted it. I was in a poetic mood and managed to draft a short poem about birthdays, reminded by the fact that I have one in a few days’ time. My 87th and considering the life I have lived; I am lucky to have made it this long. 

I looked around for something else to get up to and thought about going hiking but instead, settled for a long drive around and about. We ended up in Blanco for no reason but had nothing to stop for, so I turned onto the back road that took us back to the campsite. I briefly considered going to Memorial Park for a walk but decided against it. At least Sandy did not upchuck this time in the car so hopefully, the last time was a one off. 

The sun had long disappeared behind a bank of clouds as they moved in making it gloomy and depressing. I decided that we should at least walk around the park for the dogs to get some exercise as they had just sat in the car with me, with both squeezed onto my lap, even though we had covered 30 odd miles. We were already harnessed up which made it much easier. We walked around and then Sandy led us out onto Henly Loop towards 290 which we walked to the end and back before returning to the RV. The bite in the wind made us glad of the warmth and security of Quatro. 

I performed a few housekeeping chores, emptying tanks and such and then we went back inside to spend the rest of the evening in the usual way. This time, I got to watch as Man United beat Man City in a hard-fought encounter. 

Written January 15, 2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com