I slept very soundly despite the previous days’ Dentist form of torture. It was not that bad, just uncomfortable. It was raining hard when we went out for that first walk of the day, so our walk was very brief, enough for the dogs to do their thing and then a mad rush back to Quatro. I had to dry them off as they got very wet, very quick. I too was wet and had to change into another pair of shorts and socks as everything below the bottom of my poncho was soaked. 

I was preparing breakfast but before I could eat it, I got a text from Malinda asking if I wanted to have coffee with them. We met over in the Park’s Day Room, and they brought up the subject of the permanent RV that we had been discussing yesterday. We sat and chatted about it and other things and then opted to go and look at this park model, which was at another camp site, Sunset just outside of Bee Caves, also owned by James.  
Malinda and Daniel stopped by to pick me up and we travelled several miles to the other campground. They showed it to me, and it is exactly something that I want when my travelling days are over, something permanently parked built more like a regular house. I wandered around inside which was very roomy, and Daniel showed me some of the extras that it had. It is large and spacious even with the slides retracted and the view out of the front windows is just awesome. The TV is not as big but that is a minor problem as TV’s are cheap. I decided that this would do me for the future, following the last planned trip with Quatro and we headed back to Henly 

On the way, we stopped for lunch at one of the local diners which was very tasty. I cannot remember the last time I ate lunch of any kind, usually foregoing that meal. Daniel insisted on paying for mine despite my protests. We headed back to Henly, and they dropped me off at my RV. I wrote them a check for a $500.00 deposit on the new to me RV and then we went out for another walk, dropping the check off along the way. 

We wandered around for a bit, but it was cold out and not too pleasant, so we did not walk far. I was glad to be back in Quatro and in the warmth of the heaters. I sat down to catch up on the blog and contemplated the interesting day so far. I now have access to an RV built as a stationary model except for the initial set up and towing. This will be our permanent home for as long as we are able. Malinda told me I could set it up on the same site as we are now and if I want, build a deck to it. 

Excited as to how the day had turned out, I sat and thought about what I needed to do to keep things moving. Next stop will be the bank to get their advice, which I hope to do tomorrow. Then I had another thought that instead of putting the new unit down in the bottom storage considering that it is built for stationary living and not travelling, why not reverse that and put Quatro down there and live in the “new” RV.  

Brilliant, quite brilliant. The brain does work sometimes. That way, I can spend time making the new RV a home and build a new deck and steps. I still want to take that last trip, but it will not be until later in the year. Another good thing about it is that I can transfer the permanent stuff at my leisure and dispose of anything I do not want, leaving only the bare necessities in Quatro for when we travel. Then, when our travelling days are done, I will sell it wherever that may be for whatever I can get for her. 

Sandy was doing her thing and we went out for the final walk of the day. It had really cooled off and I was glad of both the shirt and jacket I had on. We wandered around and then took the outside lane that leads to Hwy 290. The deer and zebras were active on the other side of the fence, and I managed to take a few pictures. Unlike wild deer, these pose for their pictures and even the sight of the dogs did not frighten them. We managed to walk 1.5 miles, which was good considering how hard it was raining this morning. 

The rest of the day was spent in the usual way. 

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The Diary of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 56, Wednesday 01/25/2023

We got up at a reasonable hour but only because we had an appointment in Austin. We wandered around the park and although it was sunny and bright, the wind had a chill to it. Our first walk was on the outside road leading to Hwy 290 although we did not see any of the exotic animals. 

Back in the RV, I fixed myself breakfast and coffee and thought about our plans for today. That should read, my plans as the dogs were not included and although they did not know it, were destined to spend a few hours on their own. 

I gathered up everything that I needed and hopped in the car to drive into Austin and to my bank. Walking in, I explained to the cashier what I wanted to do, and he immediately said we could not do it that way. So, back in the car I called Malinda, and she made some suggestions. The bottom line is that I am now the proud owner of a second RV. This one is a park model, more like on the lines of a Tiny House, not built for travelling but more spacious with a much more solid construction. It is not made for consistent towing as it is too heavy but to be set up in a park on a more permanent basis. 

I am looking down the road to the future when I finally quit driving the current RV around the country. I plan on one more long trip driving around before selling that unit. In retrospect, driving from one campsite to another is not particularly glamorous as the driver is too busy concentrating on the job at hand to sightsee. It is great for passengers but not for the driver who only sees the road in front of him. A second driver would help but as the dogs cannot drive, I am stuck with the job. 

The aforementioned RV came on the market, and I was notified through James and Malinda about it, who, incidentally, were a tremendous help in making the acquisition. What I plan to do is to set it up on this site and live in it permanently and move Quatro to the RV storage area until we hit the road in a couple of months. At the end of that trip, I will sell it as my travelling days are almost over, and I can think of no better place to stay than at Henly RV Park for as long as I am able. 

I finished my transactions with the bank and then headed to Walmart’s for some groceries before driving to the closest Starbucks for that inevitable Latte to see me home where I was welcomed by my two little friends. As usual, they “helped” with the groceries before we harnessed up to go walking. 

The tree trimmers were at the park working on one of the incredibly old live oaks rumored to be 400 years old. Like everything in this world, some of it had died and it needed trimming to extend the life of the rest of it. Both Daniel and Malinda came over as I watched, and we discussed the various activities and marveled at the strength of some of the workers as they hoisted heavy logs onto their shoulders to toss them in the trailers. Oh, to be young and that fit, again but alas, that time has long passed. 

We continued walking around the park and just as Mikey and I were ready to go back indoors, Miss Sandy decided that she had other places to go, and we ended up walking around the bottom of the park. I managed to sort of guide her back to Quatro and we went inside. Prior to that, I filled the bird feeders with seed in the hope that some of the birds would get fed before the deer got to it. 

I was glad to get back inside where it was warmer, and we finished the evening as we normally do. 

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