The new RV. Notice Quatro parked temporarily behind it as I load out my stuff.

Our first night in our new RV was uneventful although I did wake up early, for me. We wandered around the park for a bit before returning to the RV for breakfast. This time, with no interruptions and I actually did eat some, shared with the dogs, of course. 

Daniel was away on business and Malinda stopped by to see if she could get the bedroom slide, working. We were expecting James, the RV technician, to show up and sure enough, he rolled in about 10:30 or so. With Malinda as his helper, he crawled under the RV and between them, they got the slide extended. Turns out, the motor is bad and needs a new one which has to be ordered. Incidentally, none of these repairs cost me any money as they were transferred to the original owner, who had passed away. In this case, we were dealing with the son of the original owner who was making the sale. At least the bedroom slide is fully extended, and I was able to make the bed by putting on a clean set of covers. I took the mattress topper off of the bed in Quatro to soften the new mattress up a bit. 

Malinda stopped by again and said the Park Owner was complaining about the two RV’s parked on one site and suggested that I move Quatro somewhere else, like in the storage area at the bottom of the field. I think Malinda must have put up a bit of a fight as I was able to move it to an empty site right next door although I need to have everything moved to the storage area by Sunday. I quickly hopped into Quatro and parked it in the new site. 

I spent the rest of the day transferring items between both RV’s and putting them away in the new one before deciding that I should do laundry. I gathered up my “stuff’ and wandered over to the laundry room. I had the place to myself with the choice of washing machines and chose the one next to the window and then the second one over. The App worked fine on No 1 but not on No 2. After a couple of attempts, I gave up on that machine and as I was still alone, transferred the laundry into number No 3, which worked just fine with the App. 

An hour later, the laundry was ready for the dryers, and I went back over and transferred the clothes into one machine. This time, the App worked perfectly, and I walked back to Quatro. 

Another hour after that, the laundry was dry, at least, that is what the App told me, and I wandered back over, folding the clothes and putting them in my bag. I had the place to myself, which was nice as that way, I did not feel rushed to free up a machine for the next waiting person. I found a couple of odd socks that were not mine and left them on the counter. 

Back in the new RV, I put the clothes away and settled down to play catch up with the day’s events. I had trouble with the house heaters and had to resort to my portable ones. We may be out of gas which I will check tomorrow. I have a full 30 gallon bottle waiting to be lifted into position and then hooked up. Nothing like being prepared. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way except that I had to watch the English Premier League on my computer as I have not got the TV to work off my Roku stick, yet. Come to that, I have not got the TV working, period.

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