I got up early after a good night’s sleep. We still had heat inside of the RV so Daniels trick of using the Jeep to keep the batteries recharged, was a good one. I turned the Jeep off, making it the first thing I did. I knew the coach batteries would be good for a while and I was trying to conserve whatever gas that was left in the Jeep. 

It had started to thaw out just a bit as we walked around the park on our first walk although all of the trees and grass were covered in a layer of ice almost an inch thick. Branches were sagging under the weight of it and in many places had completely broken off. There was one that was overhanging the RV and I was concerned that it might cause damage if it were to fall. 

We slipped around and walked mostly on the icy grass to save from falling, me that is, not the dogs as they got around just fine. We did not walk very far before returning to the RV. Even Sandy did not want to stay out for too long. 

I started the Jeep again to keep the house batteries charged and for the rest of the day, we just sat around. Even though we had lights and heat, none of the outlets were working so I was unable to do any writing or even work on pictures as my laptop was not plugged in. Well, it was but with no current running through the outlets, it might just as well not have been. 

There was a steady thaw all day but with so much ice on everything, it was dangerous to be out under any trees as both ice and branches were coming down. I watched as Malinda, concerned about damage to her own RV, was using a 10ft length of 2-inch plastic pipe to beat on the branches to free up the stuff. When we were chatting later, Daniel tried to claim that he had done the beating but both Malinda and I reminded him who had really done the work. 

Later, we went out for another short walk and chatted to a couple of other brave souls doing the same as us. The evening was spent just sitting after preparing and eating the evening meal. I had no reading material to talk of and no TV and after a while, we went to bed around 8:00 pm, an unheard-of hour for us. 

Written 02/03/2023. Read my other blog at https://Pondblog2011.com