These early nights are making me rise earlier than I have been used to. I guess, if I get so many hours of sleep the body says, “It’s time to get up” so I crawled out of bed and surveyed the scene which was one of a nice sunny day with very little signs of the icy weather we have just had. Of course, there were still piles of broken tree limbs and such that needed cleaning up and leaves everywhere but I am sure that Daniel and his merry band of workers will have it cleaned up in no time. 

We went out for the first walk of the day with the first stop, the dumpster before just wandering around the park. Daniel stopped over and showed me how to straighten up the house battery from the lop-sided position he had put it so that I could hook the Jeep up to it. 

He left and I rehooked the water hose back to the spigot, so we are now back on city water. I had to undo and discard the filter as it had frozen and broken as they usually do under icy conditions. Time to buy a new one the next time I am in town. I have only myself to blame for not unhooking the hose from the RV and taking off the filter in the first place. 

I was sitting writing and Delores, one of my neighbors stopped by. I invited her inside and she looked around the RV making complimentary remarks before announcing that the real purpose of her visit was to invite me to a potluck dinner at 5:00pm in the Clubhouse. I accepted gratefully and she left. 

I spent time writing the blog to bring us up to date and then made a list of things that I needed from Quatro. This time, I left the dogs behind and drove the Jeep down the hill to Quatro. I searched around and found most of what I wanted and loaded everything up for the journey back up the hill. One of the things I wanted was some framed photos that I have taken over the years to hang in the new RV to personalize and brighten it up a bit. 

After unloading everything, the dogs were giving me “the look” so we harnessed up and walked Henly Loop towards Hwy 290 in the hope of seeing some of the exotics but with no success. Back in the RV, as yet, still unnamed, I sat and caught up with the blog waiting for 5:00 pm to come around. 

I wandered over the 30 yards to the Clubhouse at the given time. Delores, Malinda and Daniel were already there along with Gary, another camper friend. Delores served up stew for everyone which tasted pretty good and certainly “hit the spot”. I drank a beer although I had the offer of wine. I thought that the beer would be different seeing how I drink wine but only in the evenings and then it is only a single small glass. The beer actually tasted pretty good, and I made it last the full hour and a half we were sitting there visiting. Another camper gentleman walked in and joined in the conversation as by then, the food was all gone.

Eventually, the party split up and I wandered back to the RV very pleased to have been invited to take part. With the TV still not working as all I get is a picture and no sound, I had to resort to watching Brighton and Hove Albion and My Great, Great Grandson, Solly March win their game on the computer…again. I really got to work on that television set. 

When the game was over, I opted to go to bed as I was tired for some reason or another. 

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