The sun was shining bright, and it was warm, so different from the past few days when we were all caught in the winter storm. Hopefully, that is our once-a-year event,which has been true for the past 3 years and even though we will still get the occasional frost overnight, it should be nothing like we have just experienced. The biggest problem for us was the freezing rain which just loaded the trees, bringing them down a branch as a time. Such a shame to see all the damage the storm caused. 

I took the first shower in our new abode, and it was great to have a good supply of hot water. This RV has a 10-gallon water heater which is a decent size. Quatro only has a 5-gallon unit. I changed into a complete set of clean clothes, and we went out for the first walk of the day. 

We wandered inside the campground for a bit before heading to Henly Loop and walking it towards Hwy 290. We did not get to see any exotics, but it was fun walking anyway. Back in the RV, which, incidentally, had really warmed up in the morning sun, enough to turn on the A/C, had breakfast and that all important coffee and settled down to write.  

I wrote a poem about Winter and what has just come and gone and then sat back to think what I should do for the rest of the day. I thought about a couple of things that I needed which I could only get from Walmart’s and then made the trip into Austin to pick them up. I was lucky and managed to find almost everything I had on my list except for LP valves which I will probably have to search around for. There has been a run-on RV type equipment due to the freeze. Luckily, they are not pressing, just nice to have so that I can see how much LP is left in the tanks instead of using the old-fashioned method of lifting and shaking each tank and then making an educated guess if they are empty enough to refill. 

I drove home the back way so that I could grab a Latte for the trip which was uneventful. I stopped at Home Depot in Dripping Springs to see if maybe they had what I wanted but to no avail.  

I eventually arrived back home to be met by my very excited little dogs who, as usual, helped to put everything away knowing they would go out walking at once after. We wandered around the park and in comparison, to yesterday at this time, I was still in my shirt sleeves.  

Altogether, I covered 2.7 miles for the day. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion although I am still watching the Premier League games on my computer. 

Written 02/04/2023. Read my other blog at