Notice the piles of branches waiting to be picked up.
I got up at a reasonable hour, at least for us. I’m not sure how I would adapt if I had to go back to work and be on the job ready to start work at 7:30 am. I would probably be late every day…It does not really matter that much as we have nothing planned that requires being anywhere at a given time. 
We went out for that all important first walk and just wandered around. I was ready to go back indoors, and her ladyship had other plans and we ended up walking the entire park. Still, I did not mind but I do not think that Mikey was very happy with having to walk further. When I got back, I refilled the bird feeders with the seed I bought yesterday so that now, at least, I can watch the birds as they squabble over the food. 

I installed the water filter which I also got at the same time and tried to use a splitter fitting that I had bought especially so that I can hook up two hoses, fresh water and and a flush hose. When I turned the water on to test it, the fitting itself leaked water through the shut off. So much for quality control. Now, it means a trip back to Walmart’s to exchange it for a different one or maybe get my money back as I already had a spare of the one needed. 

I fixed breakfast and that all important coffee and sat down in front of the computer to post the most recent blogs. Currently, I am in good shape blog wise but that can change in an instant as I only have to miss a couple of days and then I am scrambling, again. Yesterday, I managed to get the brain working enough to write a couple of poems and I spent some time posting them today. 

It occurred to me that I had not insured the new RV probably because I was not driving or towing it anywhere. I at once got on to Good Sam that I have Quatro, and the Jeep insured with and went about the business of getting the new RV covered.  It was much cheaper than I expected probably because it is in a fixed location. Now, I feel much easier knowing that we have insurance. Nothing like being prepared, right? 

I decided to work on the TV to try to get it working. Not much sense having a big screen TV if I have to watch football games on my computer. I played around and managed to get the picture to come up, but it still did not have any sound. I had brought the sound bar from Quatro to see if that would make a difference, but it did not help. 

Puzzled and exasperated both at the same time, I sat and thought about it, trying first this and then that and suddenly, it worked although I still cannot get the sound bar to work. Still at least I can use the TV now using the TV sound controls instead of watching on my laptop. 
By then, it was time for the afternoon walk and we wandered around the park in no particular direction.. We did stop at Quatro to get a couple of things I needed and finally ended back at the RV. 

With nothing of major importance in mind, I sat in the easy chair and watched a football game. It did not take the dogs long to figure things out and before long, both were snuggled up on my lap. Mikey will stay there forever but Sandy either gets too hot or maybe too uncomfortable and generally gets down and climbs up on the couch instead. 

With the game over, I fixed the evening meal for all of us, not the same thing of course as I am not yet desperate enough to eat canned dog food and then we watched more TV until it was time to go to bed. 

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