The view towards the bedroom. Note the large TV over the electric fireplace, which does throw out some heat.

I got up early and we went out walking. It was very cold out and none of us wanted to be out longer than we needed to be. Back in the RV, the heat would not come on, so I went outside, and I quickly switched the gas bottles by turning the lever to the opposite tank and we were back in business. I have a spare bottle of propane to replace the one that has just run out but did not change it as it was too cold outside. The bottle I just switched on will last several days. By then, it will have warmed up. Anyway, I am still waiting for the valves to come in that will show me how much gas is in each tank. Then I can do everything at the same time. 

The heaters fired up and it was not long before it was warm and toasty inside of the RV. I wrote for a while and posted yesterday’s blog and then looked around for something else to get up to. I remembered that I needed to go into Buda to Crestview and order the broken door latch. Without further ado, I gathered up all the things I needed which included serial numbers and such that I had forgotten the last time and headed for Buda. 

It is about 25 miles going the back way through country roads and not an unpleasant drive at all. On the way in, I came across a flock of what looked like Pheasants or some other large bird who were aggressively chasing each other around and very close to the road. I stopped long enough to get a picture and saw that the birds were heading back through the gate to the safety of the property. 

Traffic was light and I made good time reaching Crestview in about 45 minutes. I conducted my business and ordered the parts needed which will take about a week to get here. Thanking the gentleman that helped me, I wandered around the store to see if there was anything else I might need but although they had step mats, they were a different brand and color to the ones I bought yesterday. I need to get mine from Walmart’s to match. 
The drive back was uneventful, and I made good time and even managed to avoid stopping at Starbucks although the urge to do so was very strong. As usual, I was greeted by my two little friends who were not only glad to see me but also wanted to go walkies as well. We harnessed up and wandered around the park stopping to talk to Daniel who had been in a Propane Certification Class all morning. He said he and Jeff from the sister RV Park 15 miles up the road, passed and are now licensed for another 4 years. Good for them (and us). 

Back in the RV, I sat and wrote for a while catching up with the day’s events. It was very nice to be indoors and out of the cold wind. I had some framed pictures that I had brought with me from my old home when I had one and decided to hang them in the RV to brighten the place up. I had previously bought a packet of stick-on hooks especially for the job and went about the rig picking various spots to hang them. 

I had to wait an hour for the hooks to adhere to the wall before hanging the pictures. One of the frames was much too heavy to hang and the other did not have the right setup, but the rest looked pretty good and brightened and personalized the place up. 

I received notification that my gauges had been delivered so we harnessed up and wandered over to the Office where all of the delivered articles are left standing out on the porch. Back at the RV, I tied the dogs up so they could watch and be outside and went about the business of installing the gauges on the two gas tanks. I had to do some juggling to get the tanks situated so that the cover could fit back on them with the gauges installed but I got it to work. Luckily, as this is not a travelling RV but a Park model, securing the tanks is not a necessity. 

Satisfied with my work, I went back inside and checked that we had propane in the system by turning on the gas burners on the cooktop. Everything worked and just to prove a point, the house heaters came on. They are propane powered. 

We went out for another short walk to the dumpster and on the way back, Daniel stopped to chat. He said that there was only one washing machine available as the other three had broken down. I told him of my expected delivery on Monday of my own washer/dryer combo and he said he would help me install it. That is good news as I could use the help. 

I went back online and found the outside stair mats I wanted to match the ones I already had and ordered two online. They should be delivered in a couple of days. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion of the evening meal and then watching a Premier Legue game before going to bed. Incidentally, I woke up around 2:00 am and had a hard time dropping back off to sleep. The reason I awoke is that one of the stick-on hangers that was holding one of the newly installed pictures, let go and the sound of breaking glass is what awoke me. I got up just to check that there was no shattered glass everywhere. It had broken into two pieces, so I left it to clean up in the morning and went back to bed. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 73, Saturday 02/11/2023

The large birds aggresively chasing each other close to the road. Not a very good picture but the best I could do under the circumstances.

After a restless night due to pictures falling off the wall and then not being able to drop back off to sleep, I got up around 9:00 am. We went out for the first walk of the day around the park, not meeting anyone else on our travels. The wind was cold, and I was glad to get back to the warmth of the yet unnamed RV. So was Mikey but Sandy was very reluctant to go back inside wanting to walk more. I persuaded her with a gentle tug on the leash that this is what I wanted, and I am the boss, right? 
She came around when I shared my breakfast with her as her desire for food is greater than her wish to be outside, walking. I settled down to write the blog and work on a couple of pictures I had taken. From where I sit inside at the table, I can see the bird feeders. There is a constant stream of birds all vying for a place on the feeders or failing that, on the ground under them.  At least, I think I may have found a way to stop the deer from emptying the feeders by tipping them sideways. 

I was sitting and writing in the blog, and it was not long before I was all caught up. We have no plans to go anywhere or do anything special today and I got to thinking about moving some of the stuff from Quatro to the new RV where it will stay permanently. The plan is to only have enough stuff in Quatro that we will need if and when we travel in the Spring. Everything “permanent” will be in the new stationery one. You know, the one without a name. 

I harnessed up my two little buddies and we all jumped in the Jeep for the short ride to Quatro where I sorted through stuff deciding what stays and what goes. The “goes” stuff I loaded either into the back of the Jeep or on the carrier for the short trip back up the hill to the new RV where I unloaded everything and put boxes either in the tool storage area or in the other half of the huge clothes closet. I still need to go through everything to see exactly what I want to keep. Notice the word “want” instead of “need”. I confess to being a bit of a hoarder keeping things “just in case”. Invariably, I end up throwing or giving them away after “just in case” has turned into forever. 

With everything put away at least temporarily, we went out for one more walk. This time, we hit the outside road of Henly Loop which leads to Hwy 290. None of the exotics were around, which is not surprising as the wind had a chill to it. Altogether for the day, we covered 2.0 miles. 

Back in the RV, I sat and caught up with the blog before we went about our usual thing of evening’s entertainment and the meal of whatever was at hand. 

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