Spring is on the way…

I awoke late after a good night’s sleep and rolled out of bed. I took a shower and changed into a clean set of clothes and took the dogs out walking. Daniel and Jeff were out picking up the piles of branches and leaves I had raked up a couple of days ago and we chatted for a bit. 

We wandered around and onto the outside road to complete the circuit but did not see any other campers walking their dogs. Back in Caboose, I fixed breakfast and that all important coffee for me before settling down in front of the computer to read and trash emails. I did catch up on world news and events with nothing exciting or different that had not happened in the days before. 

Then it was time to write again, completing yesterday’s events, which for me was the excitement of installing and using the washing machine the day before. Doing laundry took up most of last evening as I learned the idiosyncrasies of the new machine, one of which was to not leave it unattended in spin mode or it would bounce right out of the door. 

Next up was to make a trip into Austin as I had an eye appointment later in the afternoon. Initially, I had to stop at my long time Ear Doctor to drop off one of my hearing aids that needed repair or replacement and then headed to Far West Blvd to pick up my mail. I drove the 15 odd miles to the Postal place which was uneventful even though it was a long way. I sat out in the car and checked to see what I had and thought about where to go next.  

The original plan was to hit Walmart’s but somehow, time slipped away from me plus the Austin traffic was bloody awful, and I headed directly to the Optometrist’s Office in a different part of town but at least, on the way home. Along with my ear doctor who I first started to see after I broke my nose playing soccer back in 1978, you could say that we have all grown old together as I have been going to see my eye Doctor for around 30 years. I even coached his kid in the finer arts of playing soccer back in the day. 

It was a long drawn-out process with all of the testing and such and they were getting ready to shut up shop when I finished my business. While there, I treated myself to a new set of glasses which set me back a bit. Hopefully, I will not lose these as I did the last new pair I bought. 

I found a Starbucks on the way home and bought my usual Latte for the long drive. Incidentally, I had received a phone call from Crestview telling me that the door handle for the RV was in which I will pick up tomorrow. I have no idea where today went but it has flown by. 

We went out for a walkabout just around the park as it was getting late, and the evening was closing in fast when I arrived back at Caboose.  The rest of the time was spent in the usual fashion with food all around which I ate while catching up with the blog. 

Written 02/15/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com