We met these Donkeys on one of our walks. They were the friendliest of guys and allowed me to pet them through the fence.

It was very blustery and cold when we went out for the first walk around the park. Cold enough for one quick circuit and despite Sandy’s beseeching looks, we quickly headed back to Caboose. I told the dogs I would be back and find a hidey hole somewhere and headed out the door and into the Jeep.

My first stop as I headed into Crestview, was at the Medical Clinic in Dripping Springs to pay a bill. At least I thought I owed them money, but they could not find any record that I did. A good way to start the day off. I rewarded myself by stopping at Starbucks, where else, for a latte and breakfast which I consumed on the way into Buda and later, Austin.

I had 3 places to go and the first was Crestview in Buda as they had called and told me that the new door handle for The Caboose was in and waiting to be picked up. Again, I walked around the Crestview store but could not see anything else that I immediately needed. 

From there, I headed into Austin stopping at Cothron’s to get a couple of keys made now that I am ready to reinstall the door lock. I also bought a magnetic key box to attach to the outside of the RV, somewhere which will hold a spare key, just in case… 

Just a little further down the road was my next stop at my Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor’s office to pay the bill to get my hearing aid repaired. It took longer to find a parking space than it did to pay the bill as the place was really busy with many sundry Doctor’s Offices all found in the same building. 

With all of the actual business out of the way, my next stop was at Walmart’s for groceries. I spent 45 minutes just wandering around as I also needed picture hangers and a couple of other items besides food and wine. Checking out was a bit of a challenge but with the help of a very nice and helpful young lady floor clerk, between us, we got it done. It was not the actual check out that was the problem but some of the items like the wine, needed her to “clear” them. I finally got out of there and loaded all of my goodies into the Jeep and started the drive home. I felt so pleased with the morning transactions that I just had to stop at Starbucks again for a reward. The drive home was uneventful, and I arrived back with the dogs helping to unload the groceries. They were very pleased to see me but before I took them out walking, I installed the replacement lock on the sliding door. Now, we have two ways in and out.

We wandered around and ran into Daniel and I told him that the built in heaters were not working. When we returned back to The Caboose after a very short walk, he was already waiting for us staring down at the dual bottle arrangement that many of the RV’s use to regulate the propane. I helped him as much as I could but most of my help included getting in and out of the RV an untold number of times to test this and test that by turning and lighting the gas cooker top. 

Eventually, Daniel announced that the new valves that I had bought from Amazon did not do the job properly and that to return them. Without those same valves, the gas flowed as it should, and the house heaters worked just fine. I had already bought Daniel a case of beer while at Walmart’s this morning which I had already given him, and it looks like I need to buy another one for the latest work. Cheap price to pay… 

Daniel went about his business, and we went out for another short walk. This time, I had taken out one of my heavy jackets which helped immensely but we did not stay out for long. Even Sandy was ready to go back inside The Caboose where I spent time working on the blog and feeling great in a warm and toasty RV. 

We went out for that last short walk of the day before adjourning back inside the warm RV for the rest of the evening. 

Written 02/16/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com