I awoke early even after watching TV until the early hours of the morning. It was cold and blustery when we took that first walk of the day and we did a quick circuit of the park, enough for the dogs to do their thing before heading back to The Caboose. 

Inside the warm and toasty RV, I made breakfast and coffee for me all the time getting stared at with an unwavering gaze from Sandy. She actually wants me to share with her and she usually gets a taster. Mikey, not so much. He is content to just sit beside me and get attention when I happen to turn towards him. Food, although he likes his share of extras, is not as important to him as it is to Sandy. 

I worked on the blog as my friend BJ pointed out that I was getting behind. Actually, I was caught up as the last blog I wrote was published today with a poem for tomorrow, which I had already written. While busy writing, it occurred to me that I should start a load of laundry as I would be on hand to balance the machine when it goes into the top speed spin cycle. Without further ado, I added detergent and started the wash. I did remember to go outside and open the grey water valve so that the tank flowed into the outside drain. I forgot to do that the first time I used the washing machine and the shower bottom backed up with 2 inches of dirty water. It sure is convenient having one’s own washing machine, something I never gave much thought to when I owned a house. There, washers and dryers are a part of the everyday living. 
After such a very busy week to this point, it was nice just to stay home and write without having to rush off to this or that appointment although I do have to go into Dripping Springs to return the valves. Mikey, who was sitting next to me had fixed me with an unwavering look that I kept ignoring. Little did I realize that he was trying to tell me that he needed to “go”. In the end, he went poop on the floor just missing the rug. I could not get mad at him as he had tried to let me know in his own way, the urgency of the situation. Unfortunately, my understanding of the dog language let me and him down. I cleaned up the mess making sure to make a big fuss of him so that he understood it was not his fault and we harnessed up to walk around the park. Better late than never… 

Back in The Caboose, after unharnessing the dogs, I jumped in the car to make the trip into Dripping Springs to the UPS drop off store and returned the two valves that would not work on the propane tanks. From there, I headed to The Home Depot and just wandered around mainly looking at the lumber and siding as I have plans to install an entrance deck to the RV with storage space underneath. I got some ideas but cannot do much until I am ready to start construction and who knows when that may be.

After my usual stop at Starbuck’s, I made the drive back to Henly, stopping at a couple of places to try to find alternative gauges for the propane tanks. Neither of the places I tried had them so when I got back to the campground, I looked online and found some with a different manufacturer which hopefully, will work. They are supposed to be here tomorrow thanks to the wonders of Amazon. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, which included one more quick walkabout before settling down for the evening meal and then television. 

Written 02/17/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com