I slept really late, and it was almost 10:00 am when I awoke. I have no idea why I slept so soundly but somehow, I did. Both dogs were getting active and excited and without further delay, I harnessed them up only to discovered that again, I was too late and one of them, this time I think it was Sandy, had pooped by the door. The reason I think it was her is that she was the most excited and urgent in her behavior quite unlike she normally is. I quickly cleaned up the mess as best I could, and we went out for that morning walk. I will do a proper clean up when we get back. 

We stopped at Quatro and picked up some supplies which included a spray on carpet cleaner that I knew was in there and then wandered around the park and the outside lane. When we got back to The Caboose, Sandy was very reluctant to go back inside and so we walked another circuit around the park. Good job we did as she did her business for a second time. Got to pay attention to the signs the dogs give as that is their only way of communicating. 

This time, when we got back, both dogs were ready to go indoors as was I because it was a cold and chilly morning, and the wind had a bite to it. I fixed breakfast after having a second go at cleaning up the dog mess off the carpet which will take a couple more tries to get the stain out. The downside of having dogs as travelling companions.  Still, everything else they offer far outweighs the odd accident. 

I fixed breakfast for them both and Sandy, as expected, demolished hers in no time flat. Mikey must be saving his for later as he did not eat it straight away. For myself, I toasted a couple of waffles and along with that all important coffee, sat down in front of the computer to both catch up on world news (depressing) and read emails which mainly comprise of everybody and their brother, looking for donations or trying to sell me things I do not need. The odd email from a friend or family member is a refreshing and very welcome change. 

In no time flat, it was 1:00 pm and I had no idea where the day had gone. As we had no plans to do anything special, it did not really matter. I watched a couple of RVs pull into the lots directly across from me. These are reserved for travelers who are only staying either overnight or for a few days. They are pull through’s and easy to set up camp which is why they are used for this purpose. 

We sat around for a while just doing nothing and enjoying every minute of it. That is until I reminded myself that we still had things to get up to and I jumped and went about the business of hanging pictures. I had already done this once, but a couple had crashed to the floor, too heavy for the stick-on hangers. This resulted in saving the picture but trashing the frames as they had both broken. 

I had bought a different type of hanger which I went about installing and got most of the pictures back up on the wall. I still have a couple to work on as I ran out of hangers. By then, it was time for the afternoon walk and we strolled around the park chatting to a couple of campers we met along the way. It was cold out with the wind blowing but this cold front is supposed to pass on in the night, thank goodness. I hate the cold and will take 100-degree heat anytime. I am definitely a warm blooded person. 
Back in The Caboose, the dogs settled down to take a well-earned nap after the walkabout. I thought about joining them but not for more than 3 seconds before turning my attention to the blog. I caught up on our days activities and looked around for other things to get up to. This amounted to turning on the TV and watching an English Premier League game. When it was over, I fixed the evening meal for us all followed by the usual relaxing and watching more TV. What a life. 

Written 02/18/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 81, Sunday 02/19/2023

I got up early and took a shower. With a change of clothes, I felt like a new man.  Our walk was uneventful, and we just wandered around the park and outside road in no particular hurry or direction. It was quiet out probably because it was a Sunday, and the working folk were sleeping in.  

Back in The Caboose, I made breakfast, a bacon sandwich, shared with the dogs who only eat the good parts like the bacon and leave the bread for me to clean up later. I suppose that if they were really hungry, the bread would be gone also. 
Incidentally, the soiled laundry went straight into the new washing machine ready for me to press the right buttons. When we returned from our morning walk and after adding detergent, I started the machine. I need to be here when it is washing because the spin cycle is almost enough for the washer to take off, literally, and needs watching. It moves around a lot and would be out of the closet door if I had not already put wood blocking in front of it. I need to add blocking on both sides in an attempt to keep it somewhat in position. 

I continued writing the blog in between attending the washing machine. Incidentally, I had ordered a couple of replacement valves/gauges to fit on the propane tanks to show when the tanks were getting low and or empty. I had bought a couple before but had to send them back as they would not fit on my unit. The new valves were by a different manufacturer and were delivered directly to my doorstep yesterday and as it was a late delivery, I found them when we went out walking this morning. 

When we got back from the walk, I hitched the dogs so that they could watch as I worked on the valves. fitting both and then going back inside to check that the gas was flowing. Everything appeared to be OK and now I can easily check the level of the propane tanks. 

Pleased that we had carried out something successfully, I continued writing the blog while keeping a close eye on the washing machine which, as long as it is not in the wash spin cycle, is well enough behaved. Daniel and Malinda were away visiting relatives, and it was so unusual not to hear his four wheeler as he goes about his daily duties. 

I did a repair on one of the drawers as the bottom had come away from the frame and then spent time sorting through a bunch of papers I had accumulated. Most are for my records, but I did find a letter that I should have mailed off. Do that next time I drive into town. The rest of the junk was trashed. With things pretty much caught up and the laundry folded and put away, we sat on the couch for a bit, doing nothing except relaxing. I was sort of relaxed but for me, it involved having to pet one or the other of the dogs although Mikey had a chewy urge on and was finding all of the chewies he could and then bringing them back to work on. Such a funny little guy. 

I thought about all the things we could have done today, which nearly all involved either walking or driving and felt happy and relaxed that we had chosen to stay home. The day had not been wasted as we did important work around the RV and what made me really feel good is that not once did, I turn on the TV.  

Finally, it was time to go out for the final walk of the day and we wandered around the park and down the lane for a bit. Daniel and Malinda had returned from their trip, and we talked for a while. There was another older gentleman with them who Daniel introduced as his uncle, and he was staying in one of the lower RV’s. No idea for how long. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

Written 02/19/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com