This is one of three zebras that live in this park. The other two are a pair and hang out by themselves.This guy hangs out with the donkeys.

I slept very well and even with a call of nature, was able to drop back off to sleep. I crawled out sort of ready to face whatever today might bring. I have nothing planned except a trip into town for groceries, maybe. 

We did our usual walk around and ran into Daniel who had his uncle, Sonny, on board as they collected Propane bottles for filling. He was quickly back to the routine things after his trip and days off. Incidentally, the cold front has moved on and I walked this morning with just my T shirt and no jacket. Glad of that as I dislike the cold weather. I had to turn the A/C on and lower the blinds on the sun side, when we got back to The Caboose. 

Daniel and his uncle, Sonny were filling gas bottles as we walked by. I had spotted a Zebra and the friendly donkeys in the field across the road and pointed them out and both of us were busy taking pictures. Have not seen the animals in a while and I was very pleased that they are still around. 
We continued our walk around the camp ground but there was very little activity. Two campers in the temporary slots were getting ready to move on but other than that, things were quiet. I remembered to return the containers to our neighbors in site 43 who had shared the sandwich and stew with us. It was very nice of them to do that. 
Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and shared it with my buddies although, they do not get any coffee and then sat down in front of the computer to play catch up. Emails and world news were the same as they usually are, depressing…I turned to the blog and wrote for a while and also posted yesterday’s blog before deciding that I should go into Dripping Springs to both The Home Depot and HEB. 

I went to The Home Depot first and wandered around the store. I bought a small step ladder to reach the cupboards that are above my normal reach so that I can start to use them. Then I rummaged through the scrap wood pile and found a couple of pieces of 2×4 that I can make work to hold the washing machine in place which, incidentally, did not cost me anything. I completed my purchases with a couple rolls of paper towels. 

From there, I drove the short distance to HEB which is almost next door. I really did not need a great deal but still managed to spend $115.00. You don’t get much for a dollar nowadays. Then, it was back to Henly with a stop at Starbucks on the way for a Latte for the drive home. I hate to say this, but Latte’s do not taste quite as good as they used to, and I am fast getting to the point where I will break the habit, which really all it is. 

Back in the RV, we harnessed up after the guys had helped in their usual fashion, to put the groceries away. We wandered around and ran into both Malinda who was talking to a friend outside of the laundry room and then Daniel, who, with his uncle, was driving around the park. We discussed rocks and he found one that I can use to replace the missing step to the ones leading up to the RV. 

We finished our walk and adjourned back inside of the Caboose where I caught up writing the blog and both dogs found their favorite place to zonk off. What a life they have got although my own is not far behind… 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 83, Tuesday 02/21/2023

One of the friendly donkeys.

I slept well and did not even wake up for the usual call of Nature and when it did finally arrive, I got up to start the day. The first thing was to go walking around the park. Daniel and Sonny were rushing around on Daniels 4-wheeler picking up trash and such. They waved as they drove by. 

We completed our walk and adjourned back to The Caboose for breakfast. I had some pork cutlets I had bought and put them in the countertop cooker that I have and left them cooking while I did other things. Useful thing, that gadget. Stick the meat or whatever in it and forget about it until it switches itself off. The hardest part is to clean up the unit afterwards.  

The dog’s noses were going a mile a minute as they smelt the aroma of cooking meat. I sat down to write following breakfast after the usual perusal of world news and emails, none of which were very exciting. 
I looked around to see what else I needed to do. The pork and chicken were cooing away, so I did not have anything to do there yet at least until I had to clean up the grill. I remembered that I had managed to get a couple of pieces of free lumber from The Home Depot, enough to wedge in between the wall and the washing machine on three sides in the hope that it will prevent it from moving around. I had to cut the wood to lengths which was no big deal as I have a battery-operated skill saw. Installation was not an easy project mainly due to the fact that the washing machine is heavy to move to where I wanted it inside the restricted space of the closet, but I grunted and groaned and managed to get the job done. Hopefully, this will prevent the washing machine from moving around as much. The next load of wash will tell… 

With that done, I played around with the outside hose fitting until I got the hose hooked up alongside the other freshwater hookup. I had broken the “Y” fitting a while back and Daniel happened to pull up and had just what I wanted in his four wheeler. I quickly finished this job and at the same time, drained both tanks. I used the hose to wash off a small carpet that had gotten dirty and then put it on the picnic table to dry. 

Finally, I turned my attention to the stone steps leading into the RV. The bottom step was partially missing one of the stone blocks and needed replacing. I had Daniel bring one up from the bottom storage area and I had to clean the existing cement off the stone, and it is now in place temporarily. Still have to do the cement work which is no big deal to an ex Bricklayer/Concrete specialist like me. 

For some reason, the time went by very slowly and even after work, it was still only 3:00 pm. I sat and caught up with the blog and then stared out of the window trying hard to think if there was anything else I needed to do. Concluding that we had done as much as we could for today, I harnessed up the guys and we went out walking that final walk of the day. 

The walk was uneventful although we did run into a very young puppy taking his master out walking. We tried to make friends, even Mikey, but the puppy was way too excited and just would not stay still. Funny little guy. Prior to that, the three musketeers, Daniel, Jeff and Sonny were sitting outside of the Washroom chatting. We wandered over just to say hello and stayed talking for a while before moving on with our walk. 

The rest of the walk was the usual wander around the campground and up the hill outside before returning to the RV where we sat outside for a while before completing the day in the usual fashion. 

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