There is a definate art to building these dry stone rock walls as they did not use any mortar to hold them together. A dying art…

I got up early as I knew that Malinda was coming over to work on the kitchen faucet as she had emailed me last evening so we could work out a time. We did a short walk about as the dogs were more interested in smells than walks and they dawdled over everything they came across. It made no difference to me as the morning walks are for the dogs anyway. 

Malinda arrived promptly at 9:00 am and went about the exploratory business of finding out why the pressure is so poor through the kitchen gooseneck faucet. She left for a while and then came back with Jeff in tow to get his opinions of the problem. Eventually, they both left in Jeff’s truck to go into town to try to find the necessary parts. 

They returned a bit later and Malinda installed the new part. It stabilized the pressure and increased it somewhat. They gathered up their tools and left and now all that remains is to replace the motor to the slide out, which is not urgent as I do not plan on pulling it in, probably ever. This is my permanent home now except for when we travel. 

I returned to writing the blog catching up on the interesting day’s events. Another Airstream pulled into one of the temporary spaces just across from me. I watched as the man led out two large hound dogs who are quite obviously well behaved. He also brought out a large double kennel for them and as I watched, each one walked through the door to their respective sides and curled up and went to sleep. He did not close the doors, but both were on long leashes. Sure, they are trained much better than my two mutts. 

I looked around and found a few housekeeping things that I needed to do and when they were done, soon found myself sitting on the couch making a fuss of the dogs. Big mistake as the next thing I knew after I awoke, was that it was time to take the dogs walking. I had managed to doze off in the middle of the day. Guess I must have been tired or lazy or both… 

Still, as we are not on any sort of clock except the few times, we have appointments, there was no harm done and anything I did not carry out today can usually be done tomorrow. There is always tomorrow… 
We went out walking later in the afternoon just around the park stopping at Quatro to pick up a couple of items before returning for the usual evening meal and then watching TV. All in all, a very quiet and uneventful day. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 85, Thursday 02/23/2023

Things are just starting to green up this Spring.

I got up early knowing that I had a Dentist Appointment in Austin for 11:00 am. This meant leaving here around 9:45 am at the latest just in case the traffic was heavy. We went out for that first walk but it was uneventful, thank goodness, and soon arrived back at the RV. I had a quick breakfast and coffee and then, making sure that I had everything I needed, jumped in the Jeep for the drive into Austin. 

Knowing that I had that dentist appointment, I made the long uneventful drive in. My Dentist is found about mid Austin, but the traffic was fairly light probably due to the time I was driving long after the morning rush hour. I arrived early and sat outside for a while before going inside. No one likes going to the Dentist although it has come a long way from what I remember as a youth back in England. Nowadays, it is comparatively painless with most discomfort from the amount of time the mouth is wide open especially when the Dentist uses a block to keep it that way. 

45 minutes or so later, I was through although I will have to go back as one of the implants was not the correct size and needs some work. I paid my bill and then drove back to Walmart’s that is located on the SW side of town on the way to Dripping Springs.  

I really did not need much, and it was more of a literal shopping expedition with the thought that I might find something useful. I walked out of there with a few things and a $130.00 bill because I did find those useful items like a couple of seat cushions for my “desk” which is actually the RV table, and the seats are the chairs that surround the aforementioned table. Needless to say. I do not use the table for anything other than a desk and when I eat my meals, they are in the easy chair with my small folding table alongside. 

I stopped at the food counters and bought a few items and of course a couple of small 4-packs of wine. I also bought a set of tire covers for The Caboose to shield him from the UV Rays. I already have some for Quatro that I had bought previously some time ago which are used anytime we park at any location for a given length of time. They are installed now as Quatro is parked for a while. 

The drive back was uneventful except for the stop at Starbucks for a Latte for the ride to Henly. I arrived back to be greeted by my excited little dogs and after they helped put the groceries away, we harnessed up for a walk around the park. Daniel, Jeff and Sonny were sitting outside of the Laundry Room like the three musketeers except these were drinking coffee and not waving swords around. We stopped and chatted for a bit before we moved on with our walk. We stopped at Quatro, and I started it up and let it run for a while just to keep it lubricated. We followed this with a walk around the park before heading back to The Caboose for the rest of the evening. 

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