We got up at a reasonable hour, at least for us. I had dreamed that someone was grabbing hold of my wrist and would not let go and I had fought back. I checked on the dogs who were both sleeping peacefully alongside in their usual spots so at least, I had not been fighting with them. 

I dressed ready to face whatever today might bring. The first thing was that early morning walk around the park. We only saw one other Camper and her dogs which resulted in the usual barking and jumping by both Sandy and Mikey. Luckily, the other lady just smiled at their antics.  

The family with the three kids were doing laundry and so the kids were out and about shouting, screaming and riding bikes all over the park but having a great time. Another group of kids joined them, and a couple of kids snuck into the Lounge, an area that is off-limits to them unless accompanied by an Adult. I turned a blind eye knowing that Malinda was away taking care of her mother and hoping the kids were not wrecking the place. I was not sure if the kids mother was in there with them or not. 

Things quietened down when their laundry was done, and they had all gone back to their respective RV’s. Incidentally, one family lives in a small camper which is not more than 20 feet long, 3 kids, a couple who are teenagers or close and 2 adults. Must be a bit of a squeeze and not much privacy.  

With breakfast consumed for another day, I first repaired a drawer in the bedroom that refused to close. Remembering that another drawer in the kitchen had acted the same way, I checked and found out the reason for the non-closing drawer and rectified the problem. One more thing taken care of… 

I have lots of things to get up to whenever I get around to them, like digging holes, mixing concrete and installing the two posts I just bought. I also need to find a bigger stone to replace the missing one on the bottom steps as the one I have is about 6 inches shorter in length than the others. I have a place for this short stone at the end of the RV site to make a step down from the wall. I can probably find a larger stone from the supply pile down in the other section to complete the steps. 

We wandered down there to look and I measured a few stones and found one stone that would work. These stones weigh up to 100 lbs. and I will get Daniel to bring it up on his buggy later. I continued walking around the park for a bit and stopped at Quatro to get the shovel I had stored there. I will need that for digging the post holes. 

Back at the RV, I located where the holes needed to be and started work. Then I remembered that Daniel said he had a posthole digger and as the ground was getting hard, stopped work pretty quickly. It was no more than 15 minutes later that Daniel and his giant, very muscular son stopped by and took over and in no time flat, they had the holes dug. Daniel promised to stop by tomorrow and finish the work. Incidentally, both Daniel and his son are very experienced post hole diggers proudly telling me about the 123 holes they had dug in one day on a different project. 
That left me with nothing to do outside, at least until we set the posts. I have new neighbors, a couple of older ladies who introduced themselves and we chatted for a bit. They went into town, and I sat outside for a while until it started getting a little cool whereupon we adjourned back inside. 
I wrote for a while and then started a load of laundry. The blocking system I installed to prevent the washer from moving around appears to be working. I stood close by, just in case, but although the washing machine rocked and rolled and made a lot of noise, it never actually moved anywhere. I did not dare leave the RV for any reason while it was in the wash mode but felt confident that while it was just spin drying, it would be OK and so we went out for the afternoon walk. It was very quiet out around the park and the outside road and altogether, we covered almost 2 miles for the day.  

Back in The Caboose, the rest of the evening was spent in the usual way with food all around, then watching a Premier League game and then a couple of episodes of Farscape before going to bed very late, or early, depending on how you look at it. 

Written 02/25/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com