I got up very early for me, aware of the fact that our final walk yesterday was around 3:30 pm and that the dogs had a long night of “holding it”. We went out walking not seeing anyone else as we made a couple of loops around the park. Sandy recognizes Daniels RV and when we walk by, is ready to make herself at home as we sometimes stop if he is outside. This time, he was nowhere to be seen so we kept walking after persuading her that he was not around. 
Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and that all important coffee and then caught up with first the world news and then emails. As nothing was of major importance in the world news and there were no equally important emails to worry about except the scam ones telling me that one of my accounts has been closed and to follow this link, yeah right. After having been scammed once and almost scammed a second time, one resulting in having to get new bank account and the other a new charge card, I do not open anything I do not recognize. Usually, the sender’s name or log on ID is what gives them away plus my Malware software. Better safe than sorry which I found out previously at my expense. 

It was a gloomy and overcast day with rain in the forecast and as I watched, a couple of RV’s pulled in. I am very lucky with my site as my closest neighbor, currently the two older ladies that pulled in yesterday, are at least 50 feet away. Everyone else is more than 30-40 yards away, which is a long way in an RV Park where every square foot can make money. I have been some where the slide out is almost touching the RV next door. In my case, I am almost surrounded by trees which gives me more room from the next RV. I personally think that I have the best site in the entire park. 

After writing for a while, I decided to go into Austin to Walmart’s which is now my favorite store. I had a goal in mind and that was to buy a couple more of the tire covers that I had bought the last time I was here. At that time, I did not read the fine print to realize that each package only held two, not four, that I needed.  I arrived after an uneventful but long drive and walked over to the RV section. It took a while to find what I wanted but eventually found them and bought a package to cover two tires. I had previously bought the other two the first time I was here. This was really the main reason for the trip but as usual, I wandered around and found a few other things, including food. 

From there, I went to The Home Depot and bought another 4×4 to complete the railing leading down from the steps. I also bought screws and metal brackets to make everything work. The last stop was Starbuck’s, what else, for that latte to drink on the way back to Henly. 

All in all, a successful trip. When we got back, our first thing on the agenda was a walk around the park and the outside lane before returning to The Caboose where we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook for 30 minutes or so.  

One of my new neighbors stopped by looking to borrow a wrench and I gave him my entire box of tools for his use. He returned them later, grateful that they were of help to him. That is what being neighborly is all about. 
We sat around outside drinking small bottles of wine and listening to an Audiobook. I say we, but that probably should be me as the dogs, although sitting outside with me were more interested in my bag of chips than listening to some boring story. Besides, they do not drink wine, thank goodness as that means more for me…

We adjourned back inside of The Caboose for the evening, and I completed the blog. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion with food all around and then watching the TV until it was time to go to bed. 

Written 02/26/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com