I awoke very early for me, and we took a quick walk around the park, Daniel and Jeff were both sitting outside of the Laundry Room chatting and drinking coffee when we stopped by. Daniel mentioned that he would come over later to help install the new handrail. We continued with the walk and when we got back to the RV, they were both standing there looking at the fence post material I had bought. 

Without further ado, they both started work on measuring, sawing and generally getting the handrail and posts ready to set. I sort of hovered close by and held this or handed them tools and occasionally getting another different tool from my own toolbox.  

Between the three of us, we installed the posts and top rail and then Daniel added three other middle rails for appearances. I had worried that we did not have anything to mix the concrete in, but they showed me the fence builders’ way which was to fill the hole three quarters full of the dry concrete mix and then top it off with water. Simple… 

Now, all that remains is to get the larger step rock from the lower end of the park and install it alongside the bottom step to make the whole thing wider. I think Daniel wants to shape the top handrail a bit more just for appearance but technically, he owns the steps and handrail, or at least, James, the park owner, does so they can do whatever they want with it. Now, when the concrete sets, I will have set of steps that I can use and feel safe about. 

Daniel and Jeff both left and I went back inside for that coffee and breakfast. The dogs helped me to eat the food or at least, Sandy did. She lives to eat, that girl. I sat and caught up on world events and then I turned my attention to the blog, writing and catching up on yesterday’s and today’s events, at least as far as they have happened. 

With the blog all caught up and posted up to date, I sat and thought about what I should do next. The bird feeder needed resetting as it had gone a bit wonky, and we went outside and worked on it. I actually moved it a bit for more central viewing from inside the RV from where I usually sit and write. The ground was dry and as hard as concrete but with the help of a long screwdriver and many whacks with the hammer, I made a hole that at least was a start for the unit. I placed the thing in place and beat on it a bit more for good measure and then hung the birdfeeders back up, this time, full of bird seed. 

I looked around for other things to do and spotted the few plants that Malinda had planted in need of trimming and went about the process of cutting off the dead growth. I cleaned up the mess and then took the dogs walking to the dumpster to get rid of it. Any excuse to take a walk. When I go back into town, I will buy some more flowers and shrubs to plant. 

I thought about yesterday when the other camper had asked to borrow some wrenches and how disorganized my storage area really is and went back to that one and only storage compartment that we have outside of the RV, Incidentally, it also can be reached from inside as it is the storage space that is located under the bed. I went about shuffling tools by category and putting them in different boxes and returning them back to the compartment. 

Pleased with what we had done so far and with nothing else in mind, we adjourned back to the RV where it was a bit cooler. Then Daniel reappeared on his 4 wheeler and we went down to where the stones were found. I was going to say stored but in reality, it is a junk pile of used stones that for one reason or another, were no longer needed in their original spot. We found one that would work and between us but mostly Daniel, lifted it onto his buggy and brought it back to the RV. 

We set it in place and Daniel mixed the rest of the concrete in his bucket and used it to fill the gap between stones and around the bottom to hold everything together. The whole thing looks pretty good and after the concrete is set, will be a secure way to get onto the RV site. Daniel informed me that it was my job to paint the entire unit and that he would supply the paint and a brush. I did not protest as compared to the heavy lifting Daniel had done, mine was a very light job and surely, I cannot mess that up? 

I still have a bit more work to do on the top rail like round the ends to make them safer before I do the paint job. Again, I thanked Daniel profusely for all of his help but in reality, he is performing maintenance work in his park. From his perspective, the steps and railing are a safety factor although I am quite sure that he was not thinking about that when he helped with the installation. 

We stood by the steps talking and were joined by a couple of other long term residents and stood around chatting for a bit. They had stopped by to admire the handywork and had lots of comments, mostly of the good kind. Eventually, everyone left. 

I took the dogs out for the last walk of the day, wandering around the park which was uneventful, just the way I like it… I noticed that Daniel was sitting outside with his little dog on his lap as we passed by. We stopped more for the dogs to meet and greet as Daniel and I had seen a lot of each other through the course of the day. I was getting ready to leave and he asked me to stop by for a beer after putting the dogs up, which I did. I guess he needed the company as Malinda is away with her Mother. We were joined by another camper and we just sat and passed the time, talking and drinking beer. I get to learn a lot about my neighbors in these informal chat sessions. Now, if only I could remember their names…

Eventually, I left and headed back to The Caboose for the rest of the evning.

Written 02/272023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com