Winter flowers or the start of Spring?

I slept late, and it was 9:00 am before I hauled myself out of bed. Obviously, I had rested very well even though I had gone to bed at a reasonable hour, for me, the evening before. On our walk around the park, I discovered that my neighbors, Ayumi and Keith from next to one of my earlier sites when I first came to this park, were moving to a different location but still staying in this park. The site they were moving to was recently vacated. I stopped and briefly chatted and offered my help which was declined as they had everything under control. I did not stay long as they were busy and did not take up too much of their time. 

We continued with our walk but the rest of it was uneventful, and we returned to the RV for the usual coffee and breakfast before settling down to write. Today is forecast to be the hottest day of the year so far with the temperatures reaching 85 degrees, on this, the last day of February. 

As per usual following the walk, we adjourned into the RV for breakfast and coffee before settling down to write. I caught up with everything and started writing today but as I am unable to see into the future, I must wait for things to occur. 

It was a very quiet day with very little going on worth writing about. A lot of sitting around and more dog walking which pretty much comprised the day. In fact, a very quiet day even by our standards.

Later that evening, Daniel invited me over to the Breakroom to eat a meal that one of the other campers had cooked. This time it was a beef stew and was very tasty. There were 5 of us, Daniel, Jeff, xx,xx and myself and I got to hear some wonderful camping stories. We sat there for a couple of hours before returning to The Caboose. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. All in all, a very quiet day. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 91, Wednesday 03/01/2023

Some of the deer in the Nature Park

Today is the start of yet another new month. I have no idea where the time goes as it is simply flying by. The downside to that is that so is my life…Of course, it affects us all and I am not the Lone Ranger on this. 

I got up early again which did not surprise me as I went to bed at 9:00 pm last evening. The TV is not working, and I have to watch it on my computer. I have tried everything to no avail and have no idea what is wrong with the bloody thing. Very frustrating. 
We went out walking around the park, but it was quiet and the only person we saw was Daniel. Still, we managed to cover 6/10 of a mile, which is our usual mark in the mornings. We ate breakfast and I had coffee to go along with the bacon sandwich, shared with the dogs and then I went outside and did a bit of work on the new railings for the steps. Daniel stopped by with a 5 gallon can of paint and a 4-inch paintbrush and now, I have no excuse for not getting out there and painting the new railing. To make matters worse, Daniel told me that I need to put on two coats of the stuff. I do not mind doing the work as painting is easy and anyway, he has done so much for me since I have been here. 
I went outside and fiddled around with some things and then harnessed up the dogs. We jumped into the Jeep and made the short trip to Quatro to get more boxes to store under the bed. I picked up a few other things while I was there. We have about taken everything out that needs to be removed and still leaving enough stuff for us to travel comfortably. While I was doing this, I received a phone message telling me that my new glasses are in and to come and pick them up.  

I texted back and forth to my Optometrist to make sure they would be open before I made the trip as it was getting late in the afternoon. The drive in is about an hour depending on the traffic and without further ado, I put the dogs back in The Caboose, much to their disgust and drove into Austin. As it happens, traffic was light, and I made good time. It helped that the Optometrists Office is on the South side of town and closest to me. 

It took all of ten minutes to get the glasses and I was glad to take off the old ones in exchange for the new ones which not only improved my vision but also automatically darken in the sunlight with progressive tinting. The miracles of modern technology. 
I drove back but first stopped at Starbucks which was right next door to the Optometrist, well almost, and then made the drive back. The traffic was light, and I made good time arriving back to my little friends who immediately demanded that they go out walking. I was glad to oblige, and we walked around the park stopping to chat to a few people on the way. 

Back in the RV after food all around, I sat and fiddled with the television again as I mentioned before, for some reason, I had lost the picture. After 30 minutes of frustration, I gave up and just as we did last evening, my entertainment was on my laptop. 
First, I spent time writing the blog to bring us up to date and then I fixed the evening meal for us all followed by watching “Farscape” on my laptop. 

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