Spring is on the way.

We went out for that all important first walk of the day just wandering around. I made a stop at Quatro to try to find my other Roku stick as I do not think the current one is working properly. We continued around the park before returning for breakfast. 

Daniel stopped by with his leaf blower cleaning up around the campsites after the storm and I mentioned that the soggy box full of beer was his and that I had used it to weigh down the outside couch to stop it blowing away. He thanked me and returned later to carefully pick it up, soggy box and all although it had dried out a bit. 

I started a load of laundry as I was planning on writing in the blog and wanted to be on hand. As it happened, the washer rocked and rolled a bit but was not too bad in the spin cycle, so the blocking is doing the job. The washer has several different settings and I have been experimenting to see which one is best for me. Being a combo unit, I wanted it to wash and then stop before I turned it to dry so that I could add the nice smelly sheets to it.  

I managed to find the right settings to do this, just like in a Laundromat…You know, when you put in the wash and add your quarters and then an hour later, do it all again only this time after placing the wash in the drying machine. My machine is all in one and I do not have to transfer clothes from one to the other or add quarters. It has so many different settings that it has taken me a while and experimenting to find the correct set up for me.  

At least now, with the blocking in place and holding the machine secure, I could throw in the wash and then do something else if I wanted to for an hour or so and not have to be there, just in case! I spent my time writing in between the different cycles. Now if I could only get the TV to work… 
We went out for another wander around the park. A couple of RV’s pulled into the temporary sites across from me and I watched as the owners set up. You can always tell the experienced drivers as they have little trouble in placing the rig. The newbies, not so much. Daniel helped guide one of them to the site as the drivers could not get it right and the wife was little help in backing up. Not criticizing as it takes practice to make it perfect as the saying goes. 

After our walk, I hitched the dogs up to the steps so they could watch and then proceeded to paint the new step railings with the stain that Daniel had provided. I also tidied up around the outside to keep the site clean. Jeff walked by and commented on the paint job. Smart Alec… 

We went out for one more wander around before coming back to the RV for the evening’s meals and entertainment. I messed around with the TV but am still unable to get it to work, stupid thing. I ended up watching Farscape on my computer. 

Written 03/03/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com