The bottom road.

Another day, another dollar as the saying goes. In my case, the dollars are usually spent and not earned as I am not gainfully employed anywhere, thank goodness. Been there and done that. Now, I leave the work to others and pick and choose what I want to do with my time. 

I do not know if I had a restless night, but it would not surprise me as when I awoke one time, the dogs were both down the bottom of the bed and the covers were all over the place. I have a new set of sheets on the bed as I described in an earlier blog and for some reason, they are very slippery as they slip and slide all over the place. I think, as I toss and turn with whatever dream and monsters that are chasing me, the sheets are sliding about taking the two blankets with them. Consequently, as I get cold and grab for the covers, I upset the dog’s sleeping routine. The sheets will be better after they get their first wash, hopefully. RV Mattresses are so thick, especially if they are combined with a mattress topper that it is impossible to tuck anything underneath to hold it in place. Besides that, the matress usually overhangs the plywood base it sits on.

I got up and I remade the bed after straightening everything out and we went out walking in the park. Malinda was out with her little dog and all of them had to say hello to each other as dogs do. Rather than touch their noses, they sniff butts. Maybe humans should try that. It would be interesting to say the least. On the other hand, maybe not… 

We returned to the RV for breakfast of a Burrito and coffee for me. Mikey did not eat his piece but instead carried it around, guarding it from Sandy and at the same time annoying her by flaunting it in front of her. Funny little guy. As usual, I read the world news amazed at some of the things I saw in front of me. I wonder if these stories are real as some are so far-fetched that they are not credible. Either that, or some people are more gullible or stupid than can ever be imagined. Maybe both. 
I sat, wrote, and thought about what I should get up to. I have a dentist’s appointment on Wednesday, and I really need to get my taxes together but other than that, we have nothing of importance this week that we know of. Life, being what it is, I am sure that will change. 

Writing that I needed to get my taxes together spurred me into action and I spent the next hour or so doing just that. Now all I need to do is make an appointment with H&R Block and with the lady that did them last time and we are all set. I called and was told that all I had to do was bring them in and then go from there. Maybe tomorrow? 

I harnessed up the dogs intending to go walking but came across Daniel working on a shoulder carry type blower. A little later, Jeff walked over, and we provided Daniel with as much encouragement as we could as he tried to get the thing to work. We did hold things and such, but Daniel provided all the labor. In the end, even with our combined encouragement, he had to order a new part. I did help Malinda load out a table onto her truck, so my time was not entirely wasted. 

I continued with our walk, and we hit the lane that leads towards Hwy 290. Sandy seemed reluctant and we turned around and came back to the RV where we sat outside, and I listened to an Audiobook and drank my last beer. It started to cool off and we went back indoors for the usual evening’s entertainment and food. 

Written 03/06/2023. Read my other blog at