I got up early by our standards and after opening all the blinds to let the new day in, we harnessed up and strolled around the park running into a couple of people with their dogs, on the way. Most of the time, these dogs are “regulars” and know each other. That does not mean that they do not bark, of course they do as it is their way of greeting each other, usually accompanied by sniffing each other’s rear end. Funny thing, dogs. 
Daniel stopped by to look at the paint job and gave me a tough time about it, all in fun of course. He did convince me that it needed another coat and after he left, I slopped on more paint. Really, he was just giving me a hard time and I took the bait and went ahead and painted the railings anyway. I also watered the roses while I was at it. Three out of the four bushes look fine, but the jury is out on the 4th rosebush. Patience and time are what it needs. 

I went back inside after a busy first hour of the day, what with changing out Propane tanks, painting railings and watering plants, to that hard earned first cup of coffee. I do not know why I say “first cup” as on most days, it is my only cup of coffee. Only when I go into town does that change with a stop at Starbuck’s and that is not a given. Some days, I just do not want additional coffee. 

I read the daily news and checked on both local and world events with the usual depressing results. I have to say that in one respect, I am glad that I am coming to the end of my time here on this earth as I do not care for the direction that humankind is heading. The gap between the old and the young in terms of knowledge and understanding is forever growing wider and is much more pronounced with the modern generation. Sure, they may be clever in many ways but general knowledge about anything, without the use of their cell phone, is nonexistent. 

I turned my attention to the blog and recorded the events so far for today. To the few readers that I have, I am sure it is quite monotonous and very routine, and I suppose it is. But it is the only life I have and am living it the way I want to live. When my only worry for the day is whether I should put on another coat of paint, then I should not complain as my life is fairly trouble free. 

I decided to go into town to the HEB store located there. I needed a few groceries and quickly bought those, but my main goal was to buy a few more plants for our mini flower garden. Last time I bought roses, this time I bought shrub type flowering plants like Geraniums and such.  

Prior to this, I had dropped my taxes off at H.R. Block, the same ones and the same person that did them last year. This year, there should be no complications and I will be happy to break even. Naturally, I had to stop at Starbucks on the way home for the inevitable Latte although I did splurge and buy a flavored drink this time around. 

Back at The Caboose, I put the groceries away helped by my little friends before going outside to start work on digging holes for the plants I had bought. I started on the first one and Daniel stopped by and offered me the use of his posthole digger, which I gladly accepted. Must be, he likes digging holes as he dug 2/3 of them before handing it off to me to finish the work. 

Glad to have the plants in the ground, I watered them leaving the hose extended for future waterings and turned my attention to putting the groceries away helped by my little friends. Then we harnessed up and took a walk dropping off the old pots in the dumpster on our way. We just wandered around the park saying “Hi” to whoever we met before returning to the RV to sit outside, drinking small bottles of wine, and listening to an Audiobook. 

It started to cool off and we went back inside of the RV to write the blog and prepare for the usual evening rituals. 

Written 03/07/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com