We pass this deer skeleton when we walk the outside road. Someone ran over a deer and the buzzards have done a good job of cleaning it up. Now if only they could bury the bones.

I got up early knowing I had a morning Dentists appointment, and we went out walking around the park. We also walked the bottom road which always, to me, is longer than it really is. I figured it was at least a half mile from one end to the other but, it is only about 1/4 of a mile one way, darn it. I really have no concept of how far a mile is when we are walking. 

We returned to the RV for breakfast which, today, was a burrito. It is not that I am a great lover of burritos, but they are quick and easy to prepare. The jury is still out on the taste as that varies from one flavor to another but, it fills the early morning void in my stomach. That and the all-important coffee. The dogs, especially Sandy, like to get tasters of the burrito and I usually oblige. 

Following breakfast and coffee, I read the emails and world news and then decided it was time to leave for my Dentists appointment in Austin. I drove in and then discovered I had gone too far to Far West Blvd where my mailbox is located instead of 35th Street. I did a quick about turn and headed back. I arrived for my Dentists appointment with minutes to spare and had barely sat down in the waiting room before I was called. 

I only had one tooth to be replaced and that was because the Dentists was not satisfied last week on how it looked and sent it back for additional work. This time, I was only in the chair for ten minutes and was all through with a full complement of teeth. 

From there, I drove to Walmart’s that is on my way home in South Austin. I really did not need very much but still walked out of there after spending $108.00. It does not take much to rack up the cost. I was getting ready to check out at the self-serve checkout when the clerk walked over and proceeded to recheck everything, I had already checked in. For some reason, the register was saying I had not checked something, and I knew that I had not missed anything. I am not into stealing from Walmart’s or anyone else and will always pay my way. 

In the end, after checking my entire cart of groceries for a second time, the clerk let me finish checking out as he could not find what the register was telling him. He was full of apologies and as I knew that he was only doing his job, we went on our way. 

I stopped at Starbucks on the way home, what else, and made the long drive back to Henly where I was greeted by my noisy little dogs who helped me put the few groceries away as they usually do. Mostly by sniffing the wonderful flavors but it is the thought that counts. 

We harnessed up for that a quick walk around the campground and wandered around and hit the outside road before returning inside the park and ending up at The Caboose. I tied the dogs up outside so they could see and be a part of what was going on.  

I had bought a single plant and dug a hole to stick it in. The digging was not easy as the ground is rocky, but I persevered and dug a hole deep enough to plant the solitary Geranium. I need to buy a couple more. While I was in the mood, I decided to use the battery-operated blower that I own, to sweep up the leaves that had accumulated in the front area of the rig and blow them into two very large piles. 

Then my neighbor, Jeff appeared with a rake and a couple of plastic bags and proceeded to load the piles of leaves into the bags. This was a real surprise as I had not expected any help. I immediately jumped in to help him and between us, we loaded out two large bags. At that moment as we finished, Daniel drove up with his 4-wheeler and we threw the bags on it for him to dispose of in the dumpster. A real team effort. 

Technically, I just rent the space for the RV and pay for the electricity as an extra. My site used to be the one that Daniel and Melinda had to use as Park Overseers. When they chose to move just across the way, they offered this site to me which I quickly grabbed as it is away from other RV’s, on the hill and with a splendid view. They had done the initial work of starting the flower garden and all I am doing is revitalizing and replanting it. There is nothing in it for me other than the satisfaction of creating something beautiful for others, besides myself, to enjoy as they walk past. Of course, I pay for the plants which is a small cost to see some beauty. 

The dogs were very patient as I worked and when I was through, we went out for the final walk of the day. We stopped at a couple of RVs for the dogs to sniff butts and such and naturally, I chatted with the owners about camping, this park, and a host of other things before eventually ending back at The Caboose for the rest of the evening. 
Altogether, I covered 3.0 miles for the day which included walking around Walmart’s. The dogs, not so much as for them, the quality of the walk is not distance but the innumerable smells they encounter along the way. 

We sat outside for a while listening to an Audiobook and drinking a small bottle of wine and watched the world go by. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way with food all around and then an English Premier League football game followed by more episodes of “Farscape”. 

Written 03/08/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com