The view from my window as I write.

We got up early and took a shower. Along with a change of fresh clothes, I felt ready to face the day. The first thing was to walk the dogs and we wandered around meeting other dogs and people along the way. That first walk is for the dogs to do their thing rather than to strive for any distance. 
Back in the RV, I fixed the usual coffee and breakfast before settling down to catch up with the blog. I wrote a letter to my friend B.J., the real one not the new next-door neighbor and discussed my thoughts on Quatro. I think that I have pretty much decided what I will do but having someone else’s opinion always helps. I value her advice very much.

Again, we have nothing planned and played it by ear, as the saying goes. Sandy was being a bug which usually means that we need to go out walking and we harnessed up. When we got out of the door, both her and Mikey made a beeline for the waterbowl I have set outside for them and drank for a while. I went back inside to check and their water bowl was empty. No wonder Sandy was being a bug. The poor little girl was thirsty and her only way of telling me was to both look at me with those big brown eyes and be a bug at the same time. I usually check the water bowl but missed it this time.

As we were already harnessed, we wandered around the park anyway, which incidentally, is full of several new RV’s arriving yesterday and today. We ran into Malinda and stopped to chat to her before moving back to the RV. 

We sat outside for a while, but the temperature was 88 degrees, and it was way too hot to stay out there for long even in the shade. We moved back inside, and the dogs found their spots and curled up and went to sleep. I was tempted but unless I am not feeling well, I have an unwritten rule that says no daytime naps along with no daytime television unless it is an importnt soccer match.

Instead, I worked on the blog until we were caught up and posted the latest one. I looked around for something else to do and remembered that I could not find the batteries that I had stored somewhere safe. So safe in fact, that I cannot find them. That got me searching again, looking in the same places that I searched before but to no avail. There are no other places to search in this rig.

I harnessed up the dogs and we walked back down the hill to Quatro. I searched high and low but was unable to find the battery box. That got me thinking about that rig and although much of the contents have been moved to The Caboose, there is still quite a bit that if I sell the RV, will need to be transferred. It might require me getting one of the large outside storage boxes. 

With all these thoughts going through my mind, I locked up Quatro and we walked back up the hill to The Caboose and settled down outside to listen to an Audiobook. It was a bit early to be drinking wine, so I settled for a spritzer instead. We sat there just watching the world go by until it was time to go walking again. 

The park is pretty full and there are a few RV’s that have young baseball players in the family that are here for a Tournament. Overall, they are well enough behaved and the only time to worry is when they start throwing that damn baseball around in the park instead of going down to the field. Both Daniel and Malinda get after them when they start doing that. 

The evening was spent in the usual way. I watched Brighton and Hove Albion and Solly play with him helping score one of the goals. Skillful player, that young man. Makes me feel very proud.

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 102, Sunday 03/12/2023

The brilliant sunrise this morning. Quite spectacular.

BTW, I did not realize that the RV’s windows are so dirty.

I got up to see the sun just streaming in the front window even with the shade down, it was so bright and such a beautiful sight that it prompted me to get up much earlier than I normally do. We went out walking and met several people with their dogs all doing the same thing.  

We were going to turn out onto the outside road but noticed a lady with a very large dog already further up who appeared to be watching us to see which way we went. I took her cue, and we turned back into the park to allow her freedom and privacy on her walk. Obviously, she either did not trust her exceptionally large dog and did not want any confrontations or was afraid that my dogs would start something. In any case, safety and common sense was the order of the day. 

We wandered around the park for a bit, noting that it was very full with only a couple of empty sites and then returned to the RV. I tied the dogs up so they could watch and watered the plants, one of which had flowered. First of many, I hope. I also filled the bird feeders while I was at it, and they are good to go for about a week. Incidentally, we passed several dog walkers and their furry companions on the way. 

With the outside chores done, we went back inside for the usual breakfast and coffee. I made a bacon sandwich to go along with the coffee. The dogs ate the bacon but left the bread on the pieces I offered to them, fussy buggers. Only the good stuff… 

I worked on the blog and some pictures. It is surprising just how long it takes to both write and work on any pictures that I have taken. I have been here so long that it is hard to find any pictures different than the ones I have taken before.  

With the blog all caught up, I decided to go into town. I really did not need that much and had a very short list, plants and stuff to make a hummingbird feed station. I drove in after telling the dogs, I would not be very long and realized that I could probably get everything I wanted at Tractor Supply, which is the first store I reached on my way in.  

I walked in and found a 3 ft threaded rod plus a 1 ft smaller one and the fittings to join them together. I also found bird seed and Hummingbird supplies to complete my purchase. I discovered that Tractor Supply also had plants and I was in my glory. I picked out a few trying to visualize where I wanted them in the grand scheme of things, and I walked out of there after paying $112.00 at the register. Oh well, it will be worth it. 

I drove back to Henly but on the way out of Tractor Supply, had grabbed a Starbucks cold drink for the drive home. The short drive was uneventful, and I arrived back to two very excited little dogs. We harnessed up for a walkabout before returning to the RV.  

This time, I tied them up outside so they could see what was happening and went to work digging holes for the new plants. Altogether, we put 7 new plants in the ground which should just about complete the task. There is always room for a couple more… 

With the planting finished, I turned my attention to the bird feeder. I played around with the parts I had bought but they were a little too tall for me to attach. Just at that moment, Jeff walked by, and I grabbed him and had him tape up the fittings while I held them in place. Thanking him for his help as he went on his way, I finished hooking up the hummingbird feeders. Incidentally, Jeff is looking after Remington, Malinda’s dog, while Melinda and Daniel are away. 
With all the outside work complete, I put whatever was left away and went back inside of The Caboose and finished writing the blog. All in all, it had turned out to be a successful day even though it started a bit slowly. We adjourned inside of the RV for the usual evening’s meal for both the dogs and me and watched TV for the rest of the evening, along with that meal, of course. 

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