A work of art. This one is mortared together and not dry stacked.

I woke up early but decided to roll over and go back to sleep. All I succeeded in doing was laying there with my eyes closed. I gave up on the sleep thing and got up to take the dogs walking around the park. We wandered around for a bit before returning to the RV. 

Before going back inside, I hooked the dogs up to the couch and then went ahead to water the plants. Daniel drove by and I asked him if he had a washer as the one, I had was leaking on the cold-water side. Luckily, he had one in the 4-wheeler and in fun, made a big show giving it to me. I thanked him and went and changed it out, a 2-minute job. 

With the plant watering done, I went back inside to prepare breakfast, which, for a change, I took back outside to consume. I had the dogs tied up to the couch and then sat there just watching the world go by. 

Jeff stopped by and we chatted for a while and then Malinda pulled up with her truck and hooked up to my two female neighbor’s RV. Being the nosy bugger that I am, I wandered over to find out what was happening and was told that my neighbors were moving one site over as they could not extend their awning at the current site because of the tree branches. 

I jumped in to help wherever I could, which is usually restricted to lifting and moving stuff and today was no exception. I lifted this and moved that from one site to the other while Daniel, Malinda and Jeff set up the RV. Everything was completed in an hour although the ladies had a lot of work straightening things out in front of them. 

After doing as much as I could to help, I went back to the RV, and we sat outside for a while. Yesterday, with Jeffs help, I had hung the Hummingbird Feeders and today, while we were sitting and watching, the first Hummer stopped by to check things out. It did not stay long but hopefully, will pass the word to other Hummer’s of a new bird feeding station that has opened here at the park. The feeder is inundated with other birds of different species nearly all of the time. It is fun watching them and seeing them squabble over the seed. 
We sat for a while watching the world go by listening to an Audiobook before harnessing up for that final walk of the day. All in all, it was a busy day for us even though it was spent here in the park.

Written 03/13/2023. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com