The bright yellow RV. Notice it is parked facing the wrong way. This is so that the two travelling together can face each other. It is called “Jack and Jill’.

I have been having trouble with getting all the clocks synchronized and the one in the bedroom, an electric alarm clock, for some reason is running an hour slow. The microwave was doing the same thing, but I managed to get that adjusted. Now, I need to figure out the alarm clock… 

Incidentally, because of the clock, it was almost 10:00 am before I got out of bed and took a shower. I put on a fresh change of everything before we walked around the park covering almost three quarters of a mile in our wandering. When we got back to the RV, I fixed breakfast and coffee and then started a load of laundry.  

I think I have finally figured the settings out on the washing machine and instead of setting it to do a long continuous wash which includes drying, it allows me to set it to do a wash and then it stops with the clothes spin dried. That way, I can add the nice smelly thingies and then set it to the dry cycle All this while I am working on the blog. Incidentally, I have confidence enough that the blocking I have installed stops the machine from moving around when it starts to spin, that I no longer hold the machine to keep it in place during that cycle. So convenient having your own washer/dryer and for me, a really good investment. 

I caught up on the blog although there are not a lot of exciting things going on. The Park is almost full and there are many young kids running around or playing on the swings. Across from me, there is a bright yellow RV which is hard to miss. Still, a nice cheerful color and the first time I have seen one painted this way. It is parked next to another one as they are camping together and both have young kids who are constantly playing on the swings, making a lot of noise as kids do, squealing and shouting at the top of their lungs

It was a quiet day, apart from the kids of course, with not much going on. I watered the plants, some of which are already shooting out and while I was at it, dug another hole ready for a plant that I have yet to buy. Finished with all I could do at the RV; I jumped in the car and made the short trip into town stopping first at The Home Depot where I wandered around the entire store trying to get ideas about this and that before purchasing what I had originally stopped for, the rose bush and the two other plants. 

From there, I headed to H.E.B and walked around that store. For someone that only needed a couple of things, my basket filled up quickly and I ended up spending over $100.00. Incidentally, I did not have a list which is why I bought more than I should have. Still, it will all get used eventually. With the inevitable stop at Starbucks, we made our way home back to Henly to be greeted by Mikey and Sandy. 

We harnessed up and went out for a walk around the park checking on any new arrivals or leavings which is all a part of the fun. I stopped to talk to a couple of people as we wandered around not in any hurry or with any direction.

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion. We sat outside and listened to an Audiobook and then went back in as it cooled off where I fed us. Then we watched two English Premier League games and drank a small bottle of wine.

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