We got up at a reasonable hour and went out walking the park. It was another nice sunny day although the wind was still a bit cool. We wandered around as we usually do, saying hello to whoever we met along the way. Sandy insisted that we hit the outside road, but I managed to steer her along the bottom road instead until she reached the spot where we could get back into the park. Depending on the weather, the outside road has less protection from the wind. Like a good girl, she led us back to the RV with Mikey and me just following along behind. 

We ran into Daniel who was out mowing the grass and he stopped to chat and for Sandy to say “Hello” to him. She even jumped up on the mower to do that. Mikey just hid behind me as he usually does. 

Back in the RV, I fixed myself some breakfast and sat down to catch up reading the world news before turning my attention to the blog which I worked on for a bit. The computer keeps dropping the signal, which is so frustrating, and, in the end, I decided to take the thing into Austin to the Best Buy located there. 

I packed everything into the Jeep and said goodbye to the dogs before driving off to Austin. The trip was uneventful, and we made good time. My first stop was at my Bank where I obtained a new bank card replacing the one that may have been hacked. The replacement was supposed to have been delivered in the mail but for some reason, I never received it, so they cancelled that one as well.

From there, I went to Best Buy. The Best Buy that I normally visit is on the South side of town and was not too far from my bank. I walked in and explained my problem and the young man did a couple of things like cleaning the thing and pushing a few keys. Saying that it was all he could do, He gave me a couple of suggestions to follow. 

I went back to the Jeep and prepared to leave the parking lot. I had to wait for traffic to pass before I could get on the road and for some reason, the woman in the car behind me kept honking her horn. I was getting ready to get out and tell her what I thought but there came a break in the traffic, and I drove off instead. Stupid woman. What did she expect me to do? Drive out in front of the moving lines of cars? 

I drove to Far West Blvd to my mail service and retrieved my mail which they had ready for me. I am supposed to call ahead and let them know I was coming although I have yet to figure out why. It is not like I have so much mail that it will take an hour to put it together. Luckily, there was nothing of major importance, so we attempted to head back to Henly. Unkown to me, there was an accident on Mopac further down and the traffic was bumper to bumper and stop and go with more stops than go’s. It took forever to make the ten mile trip. Like most humans, my thoughts were about me and how inconvenient and unfair, not to mention frustrating, to be held up like this. Instead, I should have been thinking about the poor people that had been involved in the accident and hoped they were all OK.

We finally passed the accident scene and it did not appear that bad and hopefully, there were no real injuries. In any accident nowadays, there are always the fake ones…We drove on stopping at Starbucks for that inevitable Latte to arrive back at Henly.

Back at the RV, as I did not have any groceries, the dogs could not help but were more than ready to go on walkies. We harnessed up and walked around chatting to anyone who wanted to talk before returning to write in the blog.  

This time, the computer behaved and did not keep reloading as it had done before so I guess whatever the Geek Squad guy had done, was working. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way although I did have trouble trying find another series to watch after “Farscape”. Incidentally, that show had the strangest ending with both of the main stars getting obliterated. Goodbye, The end…

Written 03/15/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com

The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs TX, Day 106, Thursday 03/16/2023

Again, I awoke early and even though I tried to go back to sleep, gave up and crawled out to face the day. It was cloudy and overcast outside and not very inviting at all. The bed was a much nicer prospect, but I resisted the urge to climb back in and put on my clothes instead. We wandered around after making our usual trip to the dumpster with the daily offering of trash. It was cold out and I was glad of the jacket I had sensibly put on. 

We wandered around going this way and that with me pointing us in the general direction of where I wanted to go, which incidentally, is not the same as Miss Sandy. She always has other ideas, and she can be really determined. After pulling on the leash for a bit, she will plonk herself down unless I let her go her way. Of course, if there is any danger then I take over. Otherwise, it is all a part of the fun of walking the dogs. Occasionally, Mikey will try to dart off but generally speaking, he takes his cues from me. 

We only ran into one other person dog walking and steered clear away from them as they appeared reluctant for us to approach. Owners know their dogs and their capabilities and as a responsible dog owner, I try to read the doggy language that any other dog that we meet, presents. Most are friendly after the first contact but there is always that one… 

It was a dull, cloudy and overcast day with the prospect of rain, and it was not very inviting to be outside at all. We adjourned back inside of The Caboose for that most welcome coffee and breakfast. Today, it was a giant Burrito which I shared with Sandy. Mikey is very fussy and must be in the mood to take any handouts and Sandy usually finishes his off. That girl will eat almost anything. 

Following the meal and the all-important coffee, I read the world news and then turned my attention to emails. It is getting harder and harder to decide which are genuine and which are scam. After being hacked a couple of times, I try to err on the side of caution and usually trash anything I am not sure of or, if there is another way, will run a separate check to see if they are the genuine article but only if they look important or familiar. 

Then it was time to work on the blog. I was not sure if I could continue to write in Word as I usually do as it had been playing up but whatever the Geek Squad guy did yesterday, it appeared to work, and I was able to do just that. I like Word because it makes corrections and suggestions as we write although some of the latter are a bit far-fetched to my English brain. 

With the blog caught up as far as I could go, I looked around for other things to get up to. Yesterday, I watched Brighton and Hove Albion play and they won the game 1-0 with my Great, Great Grandson, Solly March scoring the goal. Boy, was I proud. 

I decided that one of the Humming Bird feeders needed replacing as one of the two that I have, the bird rests have broken off and there is no place for the Hummers to settle. They are very good at hovering and drinking but do not stay as long as when they can settle to drink. I jumped in the car and headed to the closest store which in my case is Tractor Supply. I wandered around taking much longer than necessary to make my purchase but eventually got out of there. They have so many wonderful things but alas, I have no place to put them anymore. 

The drive back was short and quick and after harnessing the dogs so they could be a part of what was going on, I went about the task of filling the feeder and rehanging it on my bird set up. Now, all I have to do is wait for the Hummers to arrive. 

We went out walking again as it is something the dogs both need and enjoy. I like to meet the different tenants and try to chat with them as much as possible. Invariably, they will introduce themselves but unfortunately, unless I write it down, my name recall is zero. 

Daniel invited me over to drink a beer with them. When I arrived, Remington made friends with me and licked my hand, and I said hello to Kerry who was also sitting with us. She is a long term resident who I have met many times. We sat and chatted and watched the kids play. One was learning to ride his bike and the parents had just taken his training wheels off. He and his mom went out in the field so he would not get hurt when he crashed as he did several times. It kept us amused but he pretty much had it under control as we watched. We were lucky enough to watch a big moment in that little boy’s life. 

I drank a couple of beers and as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I can no longer tolerate booze like I used to, so I made my excuses and went back to take the dogs out walking again to clear my head. We wandered around and then went back inside for the evenings meal. I found a new series to watch but the Jury is still out whether it is worth my time. 

Written 03/16/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com