From my Garden. The first of many, I hope.

I got up at 9:00 am ready to face the day and what it might bring hoping that it would not be too much to test my patience. We went out for that first walk and it had warmed up considerably although a bit on the windy side. The dogs didn’t care as they frolicked around, each seeing who could out pee the other as they usually do. If one goes, the other must go in the same place to cancel out the other dogs scent. Funny things, dogs. 

We wandered around the park and walked some of the outside road before returning to the RV, in my case for breakfast and coffee and in the dogs, scraps that I “accidentally” drop for them. A couple more campers had pulled out and the park was only about 2/3 rds. full. 

I had a couple of RV chores to do which also included watering the plants which are starting to grow very nicely. Then I adjourned back inside to work on the blog after the usual email scan. I turned my attention to the new phone in the hope of getting it to work how I wanted it to. The problem was dealing with two different operating systems. The commands are different and the way the phones function.  

It was very frustrating and a couple of times, I just caught myself in time from throwing both of them out of the window, I was so mad. I went and sat outside for a while to “cool off’ but in actual fact, it was the opposite as the temperature was in the low 80’s and my body warmed up, but my head settled down. I was mad at myself for not being able to get the phones working together and taking it out on them seemed the thing to do at the time. Good job, common sense prevailed as I would have been minus two phones. It was a close call though as my arm was up in a throwing position before I realized what I was about to do. 

I gave up on the phone and we went out for another walk. It was amazing what fresh air would do for the soul and when we got back, we sat outside for a while watching the world go by although there was not very much activity. Still, it was nice to just sit and contemplate things other than phones. 

I did some work on the bird feeders and then watered the plants and looked for other things to do. Finding nothing outside, we went back inside, and I worked on some pictures that I had taken with the new phone. They look good and I spent quite some considerable time figuring out how to get the pictures into Adobe Lightroom where I work on them. Again, a totally different process than what I have been used to with the iPhone. 

It was almost 5:00 and Sandy’s built in clock had figured it out that according to her, it was time to go walkies again. I keep trying to tell her that her clock is fast or something, but she will not listen and stands there giving me the most imploring look that I just have to take her out. Of course, she may have to “go” as well but that is secondary to walking the park and all of the wonderful smells she finds there. 

We wandered around for a bit running into a couple of other dog walkers before hitting the bottom road. It runs parallel with the park on the bottom end as opposed to the outside road that leads to HWY 290 in both directions, one a little longer than the other. 

We ran into an older couple both with walking poles and we stopped to chat with them for a bit. They are here from Michigan visiting relatives and will be pulling out on Saturday. Nice to meet them. 

We continued with our walk along the bottom road to the end and then walked back for a total of 2.3 miles for the day. Back in the RV, it was the usual evening thing with food and then television. 

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