Taken with my new Galaxy phone camera from about a quarter mile away. It is still not at maximum focus.

Another day, another dollar as the saying goes except in my case, I do not get paid to do anything.  Be great if I did. We wandered around on that first walk although it was raining, the fine misty type that very sneakily, gets you wet. The dogs did not care, and I had a waterproof poncho on, so I did not care either. We passed a couple preparing to pull out and I wished them a safe journey and grabbed a bag of their trash to take to the dumpster for them. We were going to be walking past it anyway. 

I used to wonder where the campers all go when they leave but nowadays, not so much as my urge to travel has been satisfied. The people I met yesterday were from Michigan and they are heading back there on Saturday. 

After breakfast and coffee, I sat and read emails along with the world news. I do not know which is the worst, depressing world news or junk mail. The sun has replaced the drizzle and I turned my attention about what to do today. 

I knew that I wanted to build a base for the storage unit and had already bought most of the lumber for it. The book of assembly directions for the storage unit listed the size of the base and made it easy to know what size lumber to buy. Nothing was longer than 4 feet and fitted nicely into the Jeep. 

I dug out my tools, a battery driven saw and the same for the drill plus a square and a couple of other things and went to work. An hour or so later, I had the base assembled and ready to be installed in place. After putting away all of the tools, I called it a day and took the dogs out for a walk to reward them for being so patient. As I worked, I had them tied up to the steps so they could watch. 

Daniel stopped by as he had been away, working. Malinda had already left to be with her mom who was due for surgery, so I think he just needed someone to talk to. I spent time with him chatting away about nothing in particular and then he left. 

We continued with our walk both inside and outside of the park, running into a couple of other campers with dogs. I stopped to talk to one older couple who were very enthused about the park. We wandered around with emphasis on wander as we went wherever Miss Sandy’s nose took us. 

On the way back, we passed BJ and Peggy’s RV. Daniel was sitting outside with them chatting and drinking a beer and they offered me one which I gladly accepted. This was Daniel’s cue to leave as he was expecting his daughter’s family to visit and wanted to be home when they arrived. 

I sat there for 30 minutes or so chatting to the ladies who have led very interesting lives. We swapped stories for a while, and I declined the offer of the second beer and went back to The Caboose, all of 30 yards away where I spent time on the phones and figured out how to download the pictures from the Galaxy into the computer. I worked on them getting them ready to use in the blogs. The camera is amazing and the distance it can take pictures as though they were up close is out of this world. 

It was late when we got back from visiting although, I was not keeping track of time. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way except, I got engrossed in watching another new series I found, and it was almost 1:00 am before I went to bed. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Saturday 03/25/202

The Donkeys and the lone Zebra taken today.

Following my early morning going to bed, I did not wake up very early and it was almost 10:00 am before I crawled out. We wandered around on a bright sunny morning meeting several other campers walking their dogs. A couple stopped to chat before we went on our way back to the RV for breakfast. 

I knew that I should empty the tanks and went about performing this task. The valve handle to the blackwater tank needs replacing and I had to work just a little harder to open and close that valve because of not much to hang on to. I need a new handle, another thing to add to my list. 

I sat and read world news (depressing) and then trashed as many emails as I had received before writing for a bit. I looked around for something else to do and ended up going back outside to work some more on the cabinet. This time, I installed the new base and levelled it up and then very carefully so as not to disturb it, I worked the heavy cabinet back onto it and set it into place. 

 I searched through my supplies and discovered that I was out of the wood washers that I needed to anchor the cabinet to the base I had just installed. I also wanted to build a platform to cover the black tank inlet which is located directly in front of the cabinet as there is not much room to stand when loading and unloading. 

This required another trip into town to find the extra lumber and the screws to anchor it all together. As I was also out of some groceries, I combined the two tasks into one trip and stopped at HEB after The Home Depot. 

Somehow, the day had slipped away from us …again, and after getting more help than I needed to put the groceries away, I harnessed up the dogs and we went out walking. By now, it had warmed back up and the temperature was in the high 70’s and I found myself working up a sweat as we wandered around. 

Daniel had returned and we stopped to chat for a bit. He was walking his dog, Remington who gets along great with both of my dogs. 

On our return, I thought about the work that I still needed to do on the cabinet but decided that it would keep until tomorrow. Instead, we sat outside listening to an audiobook for a while drinking a small bottle of wine and just watching the world go by. What a life. 

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