I was up and about early, and we went out for that first walk. We wandered around noting that there were a lot of kids here for a baseball tournament. This group was much better behaved than the last ones and much quieter too. We ran into Daniel who was walking around with Remington and just checking that everything was OK and chatted for a couple of minutes. He continued walking and we headed back to the RV where I fixed our breakfast and coffee for me. 

I had a bunch of pictures that I had taken with the new Galaxy phone, transferring them first into Photoshop where I worked on them and then into the computer storage for later use. Incidentally, on our walk yesterday, we got to see the donkeys and the lone zebra who hangs out with them. 

I sat and worked on the blog for a bit and then decided to go outside and spend time finishing up the work on the storage cabinet but before I could do that, I searched around to find the screws that I was going to install. 

First, I worked on the shelf which I had already cut to size and found where the screws had to go by measuring and marking the outside of the unit. As the shelf is only ¾ inch thick, there was no room for error and a couple of the screws had to be reset due to my incompetence. Incidentally, I had to pull the unit back out of where I had it standing in order to get to the screws. 

I finally got the shelf secured and moved the unit back into place before concentrating on screwing the entire unit down onto the base that I had built and already installed. The front two screws were no problem as I could reach them, but the back ones gave me more trouble. Not in the actual screwing but in getting down low enough on my hand and knees to get to them. The old body protested loudly as I carefully lowered myself down and into the back of the closet. 

I got the two screws installed accompanied by much bad language but felt better for it. Old age does have the benefit of learning a lot of cuss words…Then came the problem of getting upright and after much more cursing and groaning, I finally succeeded. 

With the cabinet secured, all that was left was to build a step to cover the black tank hose pipe inlet which was located directly in front of the cabinet doors. With the lumber I had bought the day before, I constructed a small step and attached it to the base of the storage unit to prevent it moving. Unless, I have a major sewage problem, that end of the line will remain connected. Now, I have a solid base to get inside the cabinet to load in boxes and such without scrambling over sewer hoses which would get damaged if I inadvertently stepped on them. If I get really energetic, I might even re-adjust the hoses so that they are completely under the framework and come out the side. Maybe…

Pleased at the end result, the next step will be to finish unloading Quatro of everything in it and moving it all back to The Caboose so we can go ahead with the sale. Not today though. 

I had left the dogs tied up in the front of the RV and they could watch me working from underneath the unit. Now, it was their turn, and we went out for another walk. It had really warmed up and I even sweated a little as we wandered around. As usual, we stopped to chat to anyone who was willing to talk, especially if they had a dog. One couple, who we had met before, Larry and Crystal, I learned are here full time. They have a young large dog that is still a puppy and we spent time making friends. Mikey did not want anything to do with it and even Sandy was a bit taken back by the puppy’s enthusiasm. 

We continued wandering around the park and out onto the outside road before returning to the RV where we sat outside, drinking wine and watching the world go by until it started to get dark, and it was time to go back inside. 

All in all, a very productive day. 

Written 03/26/2023 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com