I slept late not having any particular reason to get up early and as usual, went out for the first walk of the day. We wandered around the park and met Daniel who was busy on his mower tearing the place up. He drove off quickly concentrating on the job in hand which I knew he wanted to complete, and we continued walking. We were on the top road of the park, and I thought that Sandy would continue down the hill as she usually does but she turned into the main gate instead. Neither dog had done their business so with a few gentle tugs on the leash, I persuaded her to continue down the hill. The extra walking did it and both of them did their thing. The whole morning exercise routine is all about them doing their business… 

Back in The Caboose, I read the world news while eating a bacon sandwich and drinking that all important morning coffee. When I lived in England, it was all about the first cup of tea to get us started but I quickly adapted to the American custom of drinking coffee. I still drink tea but at other times of the day. Maybe the coffee has more caffein for that extra morning kick? Or, then again, it is probably just another habit that we fall into. We could probably drink a glass of water and it would do the same thing and might even be more beneficial. It wouldn’t taste as good though. 

I sat and thought about what I should get up to for the rest of the day. The most pressing thing is to empty Quatro of everything and now that I have a storage space, there is no excuse left to put it off any longer.With those thought shooting through my brain, I harnessed up the dogs and loaded them into the Jeep along with the three empty packing boxes that I had available and we drove the short distance down the hill to where Quatro is parked. 

I tied the dogs to the carryall so they could watch without being in the way and went about the business of moving stuff from the RV to the Jeep, some in the three packing crates and the rest all thrown willy-nilly either into the car or onto the carryall. 

It was hot and tiring work, and I really felt my age, making trip after trip. I think that moving all that remains can be completed in one more trip, thank goodness.  

I drove back to The Caboose and parked the Jeep on the grassy area at the rear of the RV and began unloading the carryall into the new storage box. I was not too particular in what went in or in what sort of order. That can be worked on later when I get around to sorting out what to keep and what to either give away or trash in the dumpsters as I whittle down my worldly goods to almost nothing.  

Funny, the amount of “stuff” that we collect in our lifetime. Obviously, at the time of obtaining whatever the object was, it was considered important but now with both a different lifestyle and much smaller accommodation, so much of the stuff is no longer needed and is surplus to requirements. Garage Sale, anyone? More like Salvation Army…What is the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. 

I moved the car to its usual parking spot and decided that enough was enough for one day and locked it. I can move the contents tomorrow as there is always, tomorrow. 

As if we had not done enough walking for one day, we went out one more time around the park before sitting outside, listening to an Audiobook and drinking a small bottle of wine. 

All in all, a very tiring but productive day. I need one more trip and I think that we will be through with cleaning out Quatro. 

Written 03/27/2023 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com