We woke up late after an uneventful night’s sleep, and it was almost 10:00 am before I rolled out of bed. After the usual morning’s ablutions, I harnessed up the dogs and we went out for that all important first walk. It was raining that fine misty stuff that still got you wet so we did not stay out longer than we had to, but even then, we covered a little over a half mile. 

I dried them both off and kept an eye on Sandy as she likes to go to bed in the big bed after she gets wet. This time though, she climbed into one of the doggy beds and went to sleep. 

I remembered that the heat was not coming on and figured that it was a propane bottle problem. As I was still dressed for the outside, I went out and changed out one of the gas bottles and added in the spare one and we were back in business. This time, I took Daniels advice and barely cracked the valve to conserve on propane. Apparently, opening the valve all of the way uses more of the stuff. 

With that chore taken care of, it was back indoors out of the rain and adjusting the heat to warm the place back up before the usual breakfast and coffee. I read world news and emails and satisfied that the end of the world was no closer than it was yesterday, I turned my attention to blog writing for a while and at the same time, worked on a few pictures and posting yesterday’s blog. 

I looked at the boxes that we had brought up from Quatro and figured that they would not unload themselves and set to work storing items away in various places. This was followed by washing several of the pots and pans that I had brought up and then put them away in their new home along with several other items. I had started a load of laundry and was waiting for it to be completed. Satisfied that we had done as much as we could do, we went out for that final walk of the day. This time, we headed up the road towards Hwy 290. We did not see any exotics on this trip. 

Back at the RV, we sat outside eating potato chips and drinking a small bottle of wine and listened to the audio book that had been ongoing for a week or more although, we are almost at the end. Then I went inside and folded the laundry and made the bed with clean sheets helped by Mikey who of course, just got in the way but who thought he was doing a good job…Sandy just watched staying well out of the way. 

Finally, it was time to play catch up with the blog before feeding the three of us. Sandy wolfed hers down and Mikey guarded his for later consumption. Then, after feeding myself, I watched TV and then went to bed. 

Written 03/30/2023 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com