The last day of the month although I have no idea where it went. Time just flies by as we grow old. When I was a kid, I could not wait to “grow up”. I am not sure that I ever did but I did grow much older. When I consider way back then to the present day, there is no comparison. From being a young kid to an old man now is inconceivable. Where the hell did the time go and how can I be this bloody old? Questions that have no answers. On the other hand, consider the alternative?… 

We slept well and did not wake up until 9:00 am. Not that it matters very much as we had nothing planned for the day except maybe to get that last load out of Quatro. We went out for the usual walkabout, and it was breezy but not cold and we just wandered around with no particular place in mind. 

When we got back, I decided to refill the Hummingbird feeders and did just that. However, when I was rehooking the new feeder back onto the stand, it slipped from my wet fingers, fell onto the ground and broke. Of course, it was the one that I had just bought. I dug the old one back out that does not have a place for the Hummers to rest and the reason I bought the new one in the first place and put it back up. Not a good way to start the day. 

Mumbling under my breath at my own clumsiness and stupidity, I went back inside for breakfast and coffee. I made the coffee first as it is a repetitious procedure, and we had it down to a fine art and then looked first in the cupboard and then the refrigerator for breakfast. I wanted something different and that I had not had in a while and my eyes settled on my friend BJ’s favorite, a can of sardines in tomato sauce. So, without more ado, I toasted two pieces of bread and spread the sardines on them. Not having had them in a long time, they were delicious and filled the empty spot in my tummy. That and the coffee were a good start to the day to make up for breaking the Hummingbird feeder. 

I turned my attention to world news and as nothing much had changed, quickly moved on to the blog where I caught up on yesterday and started today. As I watched, another RV pulled into the temporary slots across from me and the owner got out and expertly had it set up in no time flat. You can always tell the experienced campers from those either weekenders or who are just starting out, by how quickly they position and then set up their rig. 

With enough critiquing done for one day, although this particular camper had it down pat, I harnessed up the dogs and they hopped in the Jeep for the short drive down to Quatro where I set to work packing stuff into boxes and in the Jeep. It was tiring work trudging from one vehicle to the other in the hot sun, but I eventually got most of it done. I was out of packing crates otherwise; I could have finished it. 

I got to where I had done as much as I could do this trip with just one more small load to go. While I was at it, I took the towbar off the back of the RV and as I have no further use for it, will try to sell it separately. I drove the load back to The Caboose and unloaded it all with some going in the storage area and the rest going inside of the RV to be sorted and put away at a later date, maybe tomorrow. 

I was sitting outside relaxing and drinking a beer and both Daniel and Jeff walked up and sat and chatted for a while. Occasionally, Daniel would shoot off on his four-wheeler as he received phone calls but would return and add to the conversation. Finally, both left Daniel to continue his work and Jeff to prepare for a barbeque that we are having this evening at Daniels RV. 

I went back inside and made enough room to get in the door and around and about the RV. Unpacking the crates and things will keep until tomorrow. There is always tomorrow. If it never comes then I will not be worrying about it. 
At the appointed time after a short walk with the dogs, I wandered over to Daniels RV. Malinda was still away with her mom but there were several other campers there. We chatted and swapped stories with Daniel being his usual funny self. He grilled Hamburgers with all the fixings that the group had contributed to with plates of this and that. There was even corn on the cob all wrapped up in foil that he grilled. My contribution was beer although I did offer a package of corn, but they had enough and did not need mine. My next door bus driver friends were also there, and I learned a bit more about them. 

After a couple of hours and as it was getting dark, I left the party and then took the dogs out for the last walk of the day. Back in the RV, I fed the them and then we sat and watched TV and drank more wine, going to bed at a reasonable hour. 

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