April 1st, April Fool’s Day both in England and here. 
I could not sleep and got up early, at least for us, and we went out for the first walk of the day. We wandered around and met a couple of others out with their dogs, stopping to chat with them as the dogs made friends…or not. One lady told me that they are pulling out on Monday and driving nonstop to Minnesota. Wow, that is a long drive in one day and they will both be driving separate vehicles. To me, there is no longer any pleasure in that which is another reason I am selling Quatro. 

I was out watering the plants and Daniel stopped by and offered me coffee. I put the dogs inside and then walked over to the breakroom where he was sitting outside with two coffees in hand. We sat and chatted for a while and then an RV pulled in and off he went. I walked back to The Caboose to finish mine and at the same time, made a bacon sandwich for breakfast.  

I had a scare when the water stopped running and called Daniel over. Turns out, I had inadvertently shut off the water after I had finished watering the plants and when I turned off the hose, I shut off both handles instead of just the hose connection. The thing is, I cannot remember doing that or why I did it. If Daniel had not been available at the time, I would have retraced my steps and figured it out. Stupid of me… 

I finished breakfast and sat drinking coffee while working on the blog at the same time. RVs were pulling in all around me, and it was a busy day in that respect as the park filled up again. Still some open spots though. I even have new next-door neighbors that I have yet to meet. 

Looking around the RV, all I could see was the stuff that I had moved up from Quatro, yesterday. It was everywhere and without further ado, I worked on straightening out the mess and finding places to store the stuff. I have an exceptionally large closet in the bedroom and one side is full of the few clothes that I still have. The other side is used for storage and that is where the remaining boxes ended up except for a couple that went into the outside storage. Incidentally, a lot of the stuff I have moved is probably junk or at least, not really needed/wanted and one of these days, in the unforeseeable future, I might get around to sorting it all out. Yeah, right… 
With everything put away and the RV looking clean and respectable again, I sat for a while on the couch with a dog on either side both snoozing their fool heads off in a very contented way. I was very contented too and we sat there for a while doing nothing. Then I had to get up for something and it broke the spell. 

It had clouded over and cooled down a bit to 79 degrees and I decided to take a chance and finish cleaning out the other RV. Harnessing the dogs, we jumped into the jeep and made the short trip down the hill to Quatro where I loaded out the remaining couple of boxes. As far as I can tell, I have everything out of there unless something slipped into some hidden space. I will contract with Delores to give it a good cleaning. 

Back in the RV, just as I was getting ready to put things back into The Caboose, Jeff stopped by, grabbed the boxes, and put them inside of the RV for which I was incredibly grateful. I will find a home for the contents tomorrow. 

We went out for another walk just around the park as Sandy was doing her usual bug thing. On the way, we ran into Daniel who stopped and invited me to a rib special tomorrow in the Clubhouse with just a select few people. I thanked him and told him I would be there.  

He went on his way, and I sat outside drinking a small bottle of wine and eating potato chips and then Peggy, my new next-door neighbor stopped by and invited me to the same party for tomorrow. I thanked her and she said to bring what I wanted to drink if it was different than beer and went back to her RV. Peggy is a new friend that Mikey needs to get used to as he went barking nuts when she walked up. Just give him time. 

I sat for a while listening to a new Audiobook until it began to chill off and then we went back inside where it was warmer, for the evening meal. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Sunday 04/02/2023

The kitchen area inside The Caboose 

Another day, another dollar as the saying goes except in our case insert, another day of life. I awoke in the middle of the night on the chilly side. I quickly found the blanket held in reserve on the other side of the bed for just such occasions and pulled it over me. Neither dog likes to be under the covers, and they quickly scooted out of the way. As soon as it was in place, they returned to their accustomed spots but this time, on top of the blanket. 

I got up early for us not because we had anything planned as we do not. I do need to make a trip to HEB but even that will keep until tomorrow. We went out walking covering our usual half mile and met a couple of dogs and their Hooman’s along the way. The park is thinning out as the weekenders go home and the travelers move on. It is a bit like a revolving door which is good for the park… 

Following the walk, I tidied up a bit and then settled down to the usual morning routine of breakfast, coffee and then emails and finally, the blog. The latter was quickly accomplished as nothing of importance worth writing about had occurred, yet. 

I fiddled with different things and sort of kept busy for a while as I had been invited to a late lunch over at the Breakroom by my friendly lady neighbors. I took the dogs out for a short walk and Daniel stuck his head out of the door and hollered at me. I hollered back that I would be right over after putting the dogs away, which I did. 

There were seven of us gathered there and they had been waiting on me before starting. There was my next-door neighbors BJ and Peggy, who were hosting the lunch, Jeff, Kerry, and her husband and of course, Daniel. The ladies had cooked up pork ribs and they were cooked so well; they almost fell off the bone. I found them delicious but could only eat two along with all the fixing’s and followed by peach cobbler. 

I was not used to eating so much food at one time let alone in the midafternoon, but I managed to finish off my plate. I declined a second helping but did take a helping of the peach cobbler. I also declined the ice cream on the top as well not because I did not like ice cream but because I was already stuffed. 

It was a great meal but way too much food for me as I am just not used to eating something that heavy, especially at 3:30pm in the afternoon. We sat around and chatted about all kinds of things and the ladies asked about my great grandson, Solly March, and the conversation turned to Football played with a round ball. It was nice to talk about him to others and made me feel really proud. Like I told them, I am living my dream through him. 

We finally broke up and I made my way back to the RV and took the dogs out for another walk just around the park. There was not much activity going on and we managed to get in our quota for the day. I had a few things to do back at The Caboose like watering the plants and trying to find a certain part that I needed but of course, to no avail. Guess I need to buy another part and then it will turn up. 

I may have all my possessions here in The Caboose, but they are not organized and trying to find anything is like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Incidentally, Quatro is completely empty, finally…I did find a couple of things I had been looking for in Quatro, so all was not lost. 

Back in the RV, I wrote for a bit while thoughts were still fresh in my mind before preparing for the evening. At least, I will not have to feed myself for at least a month, I would guess, I ate so much. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

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