I awoke at 10:00 am having slept very well and we went out for that first walk of the day. I deliberately took the route that led past past Delores’s RV and as it happened, she was outside. I apologized if I had offended her in any way last evening and she just shrugged it off laughingly and said she was not upset, and everyone is entitled to their views. 

Glad that I had cleared the air of any perceived ill feeling, we chatted for a while and then we went on our way. We wandered around the park and then hit the outside lane walking down the hill and coming back in the park through the bottom entrance. We only saw one other dog and it’s Hooman and they were going in the opposite direction. But it was late in the morning and a workday to boot. 

When we got back, I attached the new hose nozzle and watered the plants. It saves wasting water as I move from one plant to the next as I can turn it on and off as needed. This time, when I turned it off at the standpipe, I made sure to not touch the main shut off valve as apparently, I had done yesterday. I also planted the two new plants that I had bought to add to the display as they are already in full bloom. 

This was followed by the usual breakfast and coffee, reading the news, and then working on the blog. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out an easier way to transfer the pictures from the Galaxy to the iPhone. That is not really true as what I wanted to do was transfer the pictures onto the laptop. 

I can accomplish this task very simply with the iPhone but that same process does not work on the Galaxy. I played around and found a way and while transferring pictures, ended up sending some of them several times and had duplicates of duplicates. Oh well, more is better than less… 

We went out for another walkabout, much to the dog’s delight just wandering around with no particular direction in mind until we hit the road and ended up walking all the way to Hwy 290. There were no exotics on view today but there was activity in the farm across the road. They had all the cattle rounded and penned up and had a trailer with them. Looks like they are on their way to that big farm in the sky…Maybe that is why I am not much of a meat lover as they were living, breathing animals at one time. 

Back at the RV, we sat outside listening to an Audiobook and Jeff joined us and we sat chatting away. A little later, Chris stopped by and the three of us sat and talked about a whole bunch of different things. It is interesting listening to some of the stories and actions that other people have done. 

Eventually, they both left, and the dogs and I sat there a while longer before heading back inside for the usual evening’s repast. Incidentally, it was almost 8:30 pm when I went back in.  

I got to watch Brighton and Solly play as they beat Bournemouth, which is the closest thing to a local derby that both teams get. They are both located on the South Coast and only 96 miles apart. The teams in London are a bit closer but because of their location, they are not considered a “local derby.” Incidentally, they are also at opposite ends of the table as Brighton look for a place in Europe and Bournemouth struggle against relegation to the lower division. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Wednesday 04/05/2023

After a night of strange dreams, I eventually awoke around 9:30 am and rolled out of bed. The dogs were still sleeping at the top of the bed with me so I must not have been too violent. As we usually do, we went out walking in the park and on the outside road. I tend to let Sandy lead the way and Mikey and I sort of follow along behind. My job is to keep her from getting us into trouble and Mikey’s job is to pee on Sandy’s pee to remove her “mark.” I think they view it as a competition albeit unknowingly. 

We wandered around as we usually do but the park was quiet. When we walked out onto the outside road, I saw that there were only two of the heifers left across the road as far as I could see. 

We sat and ate breakfast and I worked on a few pictures that I had taken and had figured out how to get from the Galaxy into the computer. Then I turned my attention to the blog and caught up with both yesterday’s and today’s events. 

I decided to go into town to The Home Depot as I needed a couple of things. Telling the dogs, goodbye, I hopped into the Jeep. As I was leaving, I passed Daniel on his mower and stopped to chat for a bit.  

Before going to the Home Depot, I stopped with the additional information my tax preparer had asked for and she invited me to sit with her while she finished them up. I thanked her and paid my bill, which incidentally was a very small credit to me, and I did not owe anything, which is a change from the last couple of years. 

As I was in the vicinity of Great Clips, the hairdressers, I stopped on the off chance they could fit me in as usually, you have to call ahead and get put on a list. This time I was in luck and sat down in the chair straight away. With that sort of luck, I should have bought a lottery ticket as it might have paid off too. This time, I had a gentleman hairdresser, and he did an excellent job for which I suitably rewarded him. 

I finally ended up in The Home Depot, the reason for the trip in the first place and as usual, parked at the wrong end of the store. Realizing my mistake after asking an employee where the parts were that I needed, I drove the car back to the Nursery and Garden end. 

Following some more directions, I found the section that had the metal garden edging and loaded 4 pieces into my cart. I had to ask for more directions to where the bird seed is located, luckily just a few feet away, and picked out what I needed. I managed to spend $60.00 on these few items but what the heck…I did not buy any plants this trip. I thought about stopping at Starbuck’s and for the first time in history, decided against it. How about that! 

When I arrived back at the RV, the first thing was to go walking, of course and then I unloaded the Jeep of the few things I had bought. I will install the metal edging another day, maybe tomorrow? I noticed that someone had left me a couple of bird feeders and while I was looking at them, one of my neighbors stopped by and said he hoped it was OK to leave them as they had no more use for them. I thanked him profusely for his generosity. Before the evening was out, I had accumulated a couple additional feeders plus a hanging pole as he cleaned out his RV. I guess they will be pulling out tomorrow. 

The thing with an RV, even one of the big 5th wheels such as he had, space it limited as is the weight one can carry and there is really not much room for anything except the essentials. Extras are a luxury and must be chosen carefully. 

Daniel had invited Jeff and me over for dinner at his RV, which I accepted very gratefully. Not so much for the food, although it is always welcome, but more so for adult company. The dogs are great, but it is hard to hold a conversation with them and I feel like I am talking to myself most of the time as I not only ask the question but also provide the answer. 

Daniel had cooked up steaks and mine was delicious, along with the fixin’s which Jeff had supplied. I can certainly understand why there are so many overweight campers if they eat like that all the time. Something, I am just not used to. We sat and talked after the food until Jeff stated he was getting cold as was I and we both left. Incidentally, Daniels first words when I arrived were,”No talk about religion” to which I agreed.

I took the dogs out for one more walk and while they were outside, gave them each a steak bone. Sandy immediately went to work and was in 7th heaven. Mikey ignored his and I put it in the fridge for a later day. When she had finished, we went back inside for the usual evening’s entertainment. 

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