I awoke after a terrible night of not sleeping. I was too worried about the deal we had struck last evening and could not get it out of my mind. I tossed and turned and every time I looked at the clock, another hour had passed, and I still had not fallen asleep. I guess I did eventually as I awoke this morning at 7:30 am with my mind still full of thoughts. 

I was still so worried that I got up even though it was early and harnessed up the dogs for that first walk of the day. We wandered aimlessly around the park before returning for breakfast as I tried to clear my head 

I did some work on the blog and then read the daily news before deciding that I should move Quatro back to his site. That was my first mistake. I walked back down the hill and started Quatro and drove it back to the spot it resides in while parked. Or at least, that was the plan but somehow, I messed up and managed to back into the RV that was parked next door causing superficial damage to both mine and the other rig Nothing was major but both rigs will need repair and of course, as it was my fault will come either from my insurance or from my pocket, probably both. Another reason that I have decided to sell the thing as quite obviously, I am not capable of driving it safely. 

I should have waited for Daniel to back me in but thought I could do it on my own. Stupid of me… I could say that I will know better next time but, there is not going to be a next time as my rig driving days are over. 

Malinda and Daniel showed up and after surveying the damage, Malinda made arrangements for one of the local body shops to come out on Friday to assess the damage. Not a good day at all. 

I decided to go into Austin as I had arranged to pick up my mail which requires that I call ahead and made the long drive to Far West Blvd. From there, I headed home stopping at the Walmart’s on the way to do some grocery shopping and to pick up a couple of other things I thought I needed. I found most of what I wanted, including another bird feeder and a new blanket for my bed, and managed to spend over $300.00. Oh well, it is only money… 

The drive home was uneventful, and I did stop and buy a cold latte to drink, from Starbucks. 

Back in the RV, I unloaded everything along with my two little helpers who really enjoyed the fresh smells and then we went out for one more walkabout around the park. When we got back, we sat outside for a while drinking a small bottle of wine before it cooled off enough that we went back indoors. Malinda stopped by to enquire about whether I had contacted the insurance company, which I had not and will do tomorrow. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion, food, wine, and TV. 

Written 04/11/2023 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com