The first walk of the day around the park and in the outside lane was uneventful as they usually are. We met a couple of other dogs walking their owners on the way but luckily, everything was restricted to a few barks which was quickly overcome when the other dog owner made a fuss of my dogs. Funny what a bit of attention will do. I, of course, was doing the same thing to the other person’s dog. 

There is nothing better for clearing the brain of unwanted thoughts than to go outside and work in the yard. I do not have a big “Yard” except for the area that had been previously planted by Daniel and Malinda when they were at this site. I have planted a whole bunch of flowers and shrubs and the important thing is hoping that the deer stay away from them. Good luck with that as they have already been working on one of the plants. 

Daniel suggested buying some mouse traps and placing them throughout the garden obviously not to catch the deer but to frighten them when they snap as they go off.  

I drove into town to The Home Depot and found what I wanted along with a curved section of the metal edging I was planning to install. I already had the rest of the edging but was just missing the 90-degree part. These parts happened to be in the gardening section, and I spotted another plant that I just had to have. Luckily, I did restrict myself to just one plant. 

Back in the RV, we went to work or rather I worked, and the dogs watched as I connected the parts together and then dug them into the ground to the elevation I wanted. I edged the entire one side with its bends and curves. 

When we came to the last piece, it required cutting and I did not have the necessary tools for this and with the dogs, I wandered around to find Daniel who I knew would have just what was required. Both Malinda and Daniel came over for him to pick up the leveling blocks and other similar things that I will no longer need and am happy to pass along. This included the new tow bars of which I have no further use. Daniel cut the edging to the required size and as I watched, Malinda installed it. Apart from being extremely helpful, I think she just wanted to be a part of what was originally her garden. 

Between them, after cutting the piece of edging to the required length and helping to hammer in the stakes and they went on their way. I went to work with my shovel and dug enough dirt to set the edging at the proper height, completed the installation and cleaned up the surplus dirt and the job was done. 

We were sitting outside after yet another short walk, drinking a beer and listening to an Audiobook and Daniel invited me over to his place. I put the dogs inside and wandered over and between us and then Keri, when she arrived, went about solving the world’s problems. The ladies left and after finishing the beer I had, I too went back to The Caboose to spend the evening in the usual fashion. Incidentally, I think I drank one too many beers as I was quite lightheaded as I staggered back to my RV. 

Quite a busy and eventful day. 

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