The cat on the leash. It does NOT walk to heel like a dog. There is no training a cat…
After our usual and uneventful walk about, we returned to the RV for breakfast and coffee. I was expecting a call from the Insurance Adjuster who confirmed he was on his way and would be there shortly. The next call I got was from Malinda to say that the Adjuster was here and” Would I please join them.” 

I wandered down and watched as the Adjuster went about his business taking a lot of pictures and giving us various explanations. He gave us extremely helpful advice on how to deal with the other RV Owner who was not present at this meeting. He went on his way saying I would hear from him and the company, shortly. 

With that, Malinda and Daniel jumped in their truck and took off for the weekend driving down to the coast to visit friends and I walked back to The Caboose to get out of the cold and damp weather. Delores is looking after Remington, the dog.
I turned my attention to the blog and discovered, much to my dismay, that I had missed not only posting but writing the blog entirely for yesterday and so far, had nothing for today. I immediately turned to this and spent the next couple of hours playing catch up. Obviously, I can do nothing about the missing day and today would be late but at least I was able to bring us back in line. 

It was a bit of a shock when I realized my error as I am consistent in posting especially when my friend BJ complained because I was posted out a couple of weeks ahead. Somehow, I was not paying attention and with the excitement of the past few days, blogging was the furthermost thing in my mind. Now, we are caught up again. My guess is that the very few readers that I have will not even notice that there is a day missing. 
I spent the next hour or so working on the blog getting it up to date and then posting and adding pictures as I caught up. I turned my attention to the myriad of pictures that I had recently taken and spent time in Photoshop working on them. It takes at least two pictures for each blog and three if I double up on the blog posting. Really good pictures are sometimes used more than once. I try to associate the picture with the story of the day, but it does not always happen. 

Today’s picture is of a cat that the owners have trained to walk on a leash just like a dog except a dog is interested in scents and smells and the cat disdains such action and will not lower his dignity to that degree. It does not walk in a very straight line either. Still, fun to watch. 

I received the estimate back to repair the unit which is not as bad as I thought it might be. Now it is up to Daniel to decide how he wants to continue from this point on as technically, he is the new owner. 
We sat outside for a while just watching the world go by. I forgot to mention that one of my next-door neighbors, Peggy, had a bad night and they had to call the ambulance which took her to the Emergency Room. As I had headed into town on a grocery run, I purchased a 4-pack of wine and added a small yellow cactus to it to cheer her up. When I got back, I stopped by to give it to her and incidentally, not stopping for the drink they offered me, I did not want to catch whatever she may have contracted. 

And so, the day ended in the usual fashion. I sat outside for a while, long enough to consume two small bottles of red wine before heading back in for the usual evening’s repast, food, more wine, and the inevitable television. 

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