I was raised in England, where it is wet 
days on end and better yet 
and when the sun does finally shine 
the people smile and think it’s divine 
Look, the sun, you hear them say 
maybe this time it will stay 
around for just a little while 
just to make our lives worthwhile. 
When my mother offered me the chance 
to come to America following her dance 
I was torn if we should go 
I loved the English country so 
but the end the choice was made 
after three weeks of rain, I was dismayed 
she wrote and said it was 8:00 am 
and was going to be sunny again 
with a temperature forecast of eighty five 
making her glad to be alive 
I talked it over with my wife 
she too was fed up with rainy life 
and though reluctant she agreed 
and to America we did leave 
coming over on a big ship 
with all of our things on the trip 
from Southampton on the English side 
arriving in New York to reside 
When we arrived in the United States 
to drive to Fort Plain the journey to take 
to a little place just a dot on the map 
in the Mohawk Valley and hard to track 
wondering what the future would hold 
and how had we managed to be so bold 
as to sell our home and everything we had 
leaving our country which made us sad. 
That first night as we slept 
in a farmhouse that my mother kept 
it snowed thirteen inches of the stuff 
the most I had seen and much more than enough 
and we wondered why we had complained 
coming here to get away from the rain 
only to find that it was worse 
in a different part of the Universe. 
We got used to the weather and the sun did shine 
more than it rained and most of the time 
and now in Texas we look for the rain 
to keep things green for them not to change 
as not too many miles away 
there is a desert and no rain which to play 
but for now, we will take what we get 
As Mother Nature the weather does set. 

Written 4/07/2023. Read my other poems at